Regulation of Human Skeletal Muscle Protein Metabolism: Effect of Exercise, Nutrition and Physical Training

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Library & Archives Canada, 2008 - 193 pages
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The present thesis utilized acute exercise, physical training and nutritional interventions to probe the regulation of human skeletal muscle protein and amino acid metabolism. Young active men and women were studied before, during and in recovery from prolonged moderate-intensity exercise. In two investigations, subjects were studied before and after 6-7 wk of training to examine changes in the regulation of the free amino acid pool and the activity state of branched-chain oxoacid dehydrogenase (BCOAD), the rate-determining enzyme for amino acid oxidation in muscle. The other two studies involved manipulating carbohydrate (CHO) and protein availability to determine the effect on skeletal muscle and whole-body protein turnover using stable isotope tracer techniques.

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