Regulations and Procedure, United States Veteran's Bureau: Active and Obsolete Issues as of December 31, 1928, Part 2

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1930 - 2406 pages

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Page 1239 - ... the insurance shall be payable to such person or persons, within the permitted class of beneficiaries as would under the laws of the State of the residence of the insured be entitled to his personal property in case of intestacy.
Page 1771 - An Act for the retirement of employees in the classified civil service, and for other purposes," approved May 22, 1920, and Acts amendatory thereof (38 U.
Page 1270 - Act, either in his lifetime or by his last will and testament, or if the designated beneficiary does not survive the insured, then there shall be paid to the estate of the insured the present value of the remaining unpaid monthly installments...
Page 1236 - brother' and 'sister' include brothers and sisters of the half blood as well as those of the whole blood, stepbrothers and stepsisters, and brothers and sisters through adoption.
Page 1235 - An Act to authorize the establishment of a Bureau of War-Risk Insurance in the Treasury Department...
Page 1695 - An order purporting to be a prescription issued to an addict or habitual user of narcotics, not in the course of professional treatment but for the purpose of providing the user with narcotics sufficient to keep him comfortable by maintaining his customary use, is not a prescription within the meaning and intent of the act; and the person filling such an order, as...
Page 1237 - For a widow and one child, $35. (c) For a widow and two children, $47.50, with $5 for each additional child up to two.
Page 1504 - No. person shall be admitted to examination unless he be a citizen of or owe allegiance to the United States : Provided, that when an examination has been duly announced to fill a vacancy and there is a lack of eligibles who are citizens, the commission may, in its discretion, examine persons who are not citizens, but they shall not be certified for appointment so long as citizens are...
Page 1268 - A and the sum of $50. (b) The total monthly allowance to beneficiaries of Class B added to the enlisted man's monthly allotment to them shall not exceed the average sum habitually contributed by him to their support monthly during the period of dependency but not exceeding a year immediately preceding his enlistment or the enactment of this amendatory Act.
Page 1237 - For a widowed mother, $20. The amount payable under this subdivision shall not be greater than a sum which, when added to the total amount payable to the widow and children, does not exceed $75.

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