Regulations for the Government of the Navy of the United States

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1841

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193 페이지 - ... appeared and made oath, in due form of law, that he is the identical person named in an original certificate in his possession, of which (I certify) the following is a true...
159 페이지 - ... by the court, and the recorded testimony of each witness so examined must be read over to him and such witness must acknowledge the same to be correct and be subject to such further examination as the said member may require. Without a compliance with this rule, and an entry thereof...
164 페이지 - ... twenty-five years of age, unless he shall have a knowledge of some mechanical trade, which will be useful on board a vessel ; nor any landsman having such mechanical trade, unless he is under thirty-five years of age. No person is to be entered as ordinary seaman, unless he shall have been at sea at least two years ; nor as seaman, unless he shall have been at sea at least five years.
62 페이지 - No boat is to be allowed to leave the ship or come alongside without the knowledge of the Officer of the Deck. When boats or tenders come alongside with provisions, water, or stores of any kind, he is to see them cleared without delay, and that no prohibited articles are brought on board ; and...
10 페이지 - ... vacancy shall have been occasioned by leave granted to any officer to return to the United States from the commander of a squadron or vessel, in consequence of ill health or for other cause, or any rank or class of officers present and fit for duty shall be temporarily reduced below the complement and the number which may be deemed necessary for the proper performance of the duties of the vessel, in consequence of the continued indisposition of officers, or their absence in prizes or upon other...
62 페이지 - He is to be very particular to inform the officer who relieves him of all unexecuted orders which he may have received, of all signals which remain to be executed, of the position of the commander of the fleet or squadron, and give him all such other information as may be necessary or serviceable to him in keeping the vessel in her proper station, or for her safety.
5 페이지 - Nothing in the preceding paragraph shall authorize a land officer to command any United States vessel or navy yard ; nor any sea officer to command any part of the army on land ; neither shall an officer of the one service have a right to demand any compliment, on the score of rank, from an officer of the other -service. "26. Land troops, serving on Soard a United States vessel as marines, shall be subject to the orders of the sea officer in command thereof. Other land...
65 페이지 - ... send it to the watch officers, that they may sign their names at the end of the remarks in their respective watches while the circumstances are fresh in their memories, and he shall take it to the Commanding Officer for his inspection immediately after noon of each day.
63 페이지 - When the stowage of the hold shall be completed, an entry must be made in the log-book, specifying particularly the quantity and arrangement of the ballast, the number, size, and disposition of the tanks and casks, and of the quantity and stowage of provisions and other stores.

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