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Use in Literature ReinterpretingAll doctrines were subjected more or less faithfully to this test, every rite was criticised and reinterpreted, and the Bible itself was handled in the freest manner.ndash;George Willis Cooke in Unitarianism in America.Every year restored from forgotten recesses of libraries or from the ruins of Roman villas another Greek author or volume or work of art, and those which had never been lost were reinterpreted with much deeper insight.ndash;Robert Huntington Fletcher in A History of English Literature.In fact, the whole active campaign, that was his life, was made by the light of early ideals, enlarged and reinterpreted as his climb to power brought under his survey wider horizons.ndash;Franklin K. Lane in Letters of Franklin K. Lane. Nonfiction Usage Journalism UsageSaudi Arabia - News: May 25, 2006 - Headline: Report Says Saudi Textbooks Teach Intolerance and Violence. Excerpt: Of course, we have to be very careful because we are not changing religion here, we are not changing our view of how important Islam is for us, said Ahmed Ibn Saidfuddin. What we are doing is at least removing, reinterpreting some of the things that might be misinterpreted by extremists. But these curricula have always been in existence for many centuries. They did not produce terrorists.United States - News: April 2, 2004 - Headline: Asian Stocks End Week Higher. Excerpt: Markets are still watching Hong Kong's political situation, as Chinese central government authorities began a process of what it calls reinterpreting the territory's Basic Law, or constitution.United States - News: December 19, 2005 - Headline: American Islam: Forging a New Identity. Excerpt: Reinterpreting the Reinterpretations.Bibliographic UsageAbraham, Itty. Born in 1960, authored Producing defense: reinterpreting civil-military relations in India. Publisher: Program in Arms Control, Disarmament and International Security, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Urbana, Ill). Published in 1992.Accardi-Dey, A. and P. M. Gschwend. Reinterpreting literature sorption data considering both absorption into organic carbon and adsorption onto black carbon appears in Environmental Science & Technology written by A. Accardi-Dey and P. M. Gschwend. Published on January 1, 2003.Adams, Joan Duncan. Author of Reinterpreting Evaluation Classics in the Modern Age, published in Journal of Continuing Higher Education, vol. 49, no. 2, p. 14-22, in Spring 2001.Ahuja, Chaman. Author of All life long the same questions, the same answers: reinterpreting Samuel Beckett. Publisher: Manohar Publishers & Distributors (New Delhi). Published in 1996.Allen, Harry. Author of Reinterpreting the 1969-1972 Willandra Lakes archaeological surveys. Published in 1998.

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