Reinventing: Webster's Quotations, Facts and Phrases

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Use in Literature ReintroducingThe trust, seeking through capital to reintroduce slavery under another form, and to establish the tyranny of money in place of the tyranny of swords and bullets, represents the present problem.ndash;Brisbane in Editorials from the Hearst Newspapers.Lily started as from thoughts alien to the subject thus reintroduced.ndash;Edward Bulwer-Lytton in Kenelm Chillingly, book 6.It had been thought good to reintroduce into Canada the religious society whose priests had been the first to preach the Gospel there.ndash;Thomas Chapais in The Great Intendant (A Chronicle of Jean Talon in Canada 1665-1672).The revival was an attempt to reintroduce the stricter Calvinism of the earlier time, with its doctrines of justification by faith alone, supernatural regeneration, and predestination made known to the believer by the Holy Ghost.ndash;George Willis Cooke in Unitarianism in America.I would test her on a new topic, in the hope of reintroducing the old.ndash;Anna Katharine Green in The Mayor's Wife.Since this was the only subject on which the Jat chief would for the present converse, the Moghul proposed to take his leave, trusting that he might reintroduce the subject of the negotiations at a more favourable moment.ndash;Keene in The Fall of the Moghul Empire of Hindustan.Jahn reintroduced gymnastics, so long neglected, into education, as a means of heightening moral courage by the increase of physical strength.ndash;Wolfgang Menzel in Germany from the Earliest Period, vol 4 (tr Mrs George Horrocks).Nor did he explain to Wanda why he had reintroduced Miss Cahere.ndash;Henry Seton Merriman in The Vultures.It is difficult to explain how the highly cultivated, clever, and aesthetic Julian could conceive the wild idea of reintroducing animal sacrifices.ndash;August Strindberg in Historical Miniatures.People sought to find the reason for Julian's wish to reintroduce this custom in his laudable attempt to mingle all religions together, and to discover a deeper meaning in the ceremonies of all.ndash;August Strindberg in Historical Miniatures.

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