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Nonfiction Usage Journalism UsageUnited States - News: July 29, 2005 - Headline: National Survey Finds Ameircans Exposure to Lead and Secondary Smoke Decline. Author: Rosanne Skirble. Excerpt: Scientists used a process called biomonitoring to detect the way pollutants make their way through the human body. The CDC Environmental Health Laboratory tested blood and urine samples from 2,200 Americans for the presence of 148 chemicals.Patent UsageWASTE SEPARATING, PROCESSING AND RECYCLING SYSTEM: Patented by John A. Boyd and George M. Staples III on July 1, 1988. Abstract: An apparatus and process for separating waste material requiring use of ground water for processing in a wet mill a drum separator in combination with purification and recycling, routing recycled water to a biomonitoring fish pond and use of a system wash water for washing for processing in a wet mill sanitizing of refuse collection vehicles. The groundwater is obtained from an aquifer underlying and containing leachate from a landfill, thereby solving environment problems.Bibliographic UsageAaron, C. S., et al. End points for biomonitoring: assay sensitivity/selectivity appears in Environmental Health Perspectives written by C. S. Aaron, D. M. Zimmer, P. R. Harbach and R. L. Yu. Published in May 1996.Abdallah M.A., Abdallah A.M. Authors of Biomonitoring study of heavy metals in biota and sediments in the South Eastern coast of Mediterranean sea, Egypt, published in Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, on December 12, 2007.Abdel Mohsen, M. A., et al. Biomonitoring of n-nitroso compounds, nitrite and nitrate in the urine of Egyptian bladder cancer patients with or without Schistosoma haematobium infection appears in International Journal of Cancer. Journal International Du Cancer written by M. A. Abdel Mohsen, A. A. Hassan, S. M. El-Sewedy, T. Aboul-Azm, C. Magagnotti, R. Fanelli and L. Airoldi. Published on September 9, 1999.Abele, Lawrence E. Author of Biological stream assessment, Walloomsac River, Rensselaer County, New York, Bennington County, Vermont. Lawrence E. Abele, Robert W. Bode, Margaret A. Novak. Publisher: Stream Biomonitoring Unit, Bureau of Monitoring and Assessment, Division of Water, NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation (Albany, N.Y.). Published in 1991.Abramsson-Zetterberg, L., et al. Human cytogenetic biomonitoring using flow-cytometric analysis of micronuclei in transferrin-positive immature peripheral blood reticulocytes appears in Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis written by L. Abramsson-Zetterberg, G. Zetterberg, M. Bergqvist and J. Grawe. Published in 2000.Accorsi, A., et al. Biomonitoring of exposure to nitrous oxide, sevoflurane, isoflurane and halothane by automated GC/MS headspace urinalysis appears in International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health written by A. Accorsi, A. Barbieri, G. B. Raffi and F. S. Violante. Published in October 2001.Acquavella J.F., Alexander B.H., Mandel J.S., Burns C.J., Gustin C. Authors of Exposure misclassification in studies of agricultural pesticides: insights from biomonitoring, published in Epidemiology (Cambridge, Mass.), vol. 17, no. 1, in January 2006.Acquavella, J. F., et al. Glyphosate biomonitoring for farmers and their families: results from the Farm Family Exposure Study appears in Environmental Health Perspectives written by J. F. Acquavella, B. H. Alexander, J. S. Mandel, C. Gustin, B. Baker, P. Chapman and M. Bleeke. Published in March 2004.

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