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AuthorHouse, 2004 - Education - 100 pages

"How to Pick The Best Tenant" is a tenant selection guidebook for homeowners, rental and property managers, and real estate investors. It outlines and details proven methods to find and rent to the best-qualified tenant from a pool of applicants. Chapters include:

  • How to find and keep long term, stable tenants
  • Why using a process is better than your intuition
  • How to calculate if an applicant can afford your rent
  • How to tell if you have a high-risk candidate
  • Which renting methods to avoid
  • Renting to friends and/or relatives
  • Web site information

You Need This Book If:

  • You are a First Time Home Buyer with Tenants
  • You Do Not Know How to Find or Pick a Tenant
  • You Have Made Poor Tenant Choices in the Past
  • You are Unfamiliar with Federal Fair Housing Laws
  • You Want to Rent Your Apartments On Your Own

"Carolyn's [property management] activities and experiences allow her to view issues from a variety of lenses. She is highly successful at structuring and framing complex regulations and policies into clear, concise and meaningful learning experiences"

Mary Frances Mitchner Management Consultant

"Carolyn combines her knowledge of property management and services, and shares this information with others as an author with this book"

Janine Spinola-Taylor Nonprofit Deputy Director

"Carolyn can make you laugh while getting straight to the heart of the matter"

Barbara Post - Teacher

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