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Xlibris Corporation, Nov 28, 2007 - Education - 87 pages
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As a woman is in travail during childbirth, so also, the earth is in travail to give birth to a new era. This book exposes you to deep truths that will guide you into the future. It is a research manual full of amazing facts from history and current affairs. This book is a product of many years of relentless research. As you read it, you will not be in the dark why certain unimaginable things are now surfacing in this world. My endeavor is to help you see things from a deeper perspective. This is what will keep you in a state of tranquility in the midst of turmoil. Read with an open heart and an inquisitive mind. Religion has directly or indirectly contributed negatively in many conflicts. This is the appropriate time for mankind to understand the role religion plays in world affairs and especially its influence in our governments as the stage is now set for the final world conflict. There have been conflicts in the world, through which the strengths of nations have been tested. These conflicts have always resulted in the rising and falling of some nations. Conflicts are to test the foundations on which nations are built. Any nation or government growing on a weak foundation crumbles while those on a firm foundation stand. There is a great conflict in the world now. Many nations and governments will rise, while many others will crumble. Any nation or government that will not collapse must make sure that her foundation is firm. These foundations are laid down principles governing the operation of the nation or government. Many nations have stood the test of time. This is the moment everyone should make a diagnosis of nations that have stood the test of time and those that have not stood the test of time. In this book, we are going to take the United States of America as a case study. Any major event in America directly or indirectly affects the whole world. We will study some other nations, like Britain, Israel, South Africa, Nigeria etcetera. You will also discover why many nations and governments collapse. The real problem of Africa, Asia and the Middle East will be diagnosed, and especially the role of religion in world affairs. TO THE READER The political and economic crises, natural disasters, etcetera, that the world is experiencing today will increasingly continue until the world steps into a transformation after good and evil is revealed. At that point everyone must have discovered those who have been the masterminds of evil. Today many people cannot differentiate between good and evil. Good is mistaken for evil and evil for good. This is no longer going to last long. The numerous crises in the world today are destined to fulfill this purpose. This book at this time is a prophetic guide for every nation, government and people. It is not bias against any nation, religion or people. It has a common sense approach of analyzing facts to deduce truths.

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