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The Religion of Macho is about the cultural changes that the West underwent during the 1960s. Or, in other words, it is about the rise of the left and how it changed our perspectives on our emotions and our ideas about crime. Fundamentaly, we went from being a Christian culture to having a "Religion of Macho." We went from thinking negatively about crime to thinking more positively. This was done in order to accomodate the Blacks and their high crime. As Whites used to imitate Jesus, they now imitate the Blacks or their bad attitudes about crime. As Whites used to worship God, now they worship the Blacks and the other non-Whites. Hence, the Whites now have a Religion of Macho. The book shows the many similarities between traditional Christian theology and the ideas that comprise the left.

As part of imitating the Blacks, the Whites started to increase their crime rates during years of American racial integration, like on 1964. Today in the United States, there are an extra 9.5 million White crime victims every year as the result of integration. There were increases not just in the United States, but an extra 23 million every year in Europe and 82 million around the world.

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Richard London is a native of the San Francisco area. He grew up participating in the leftist fervor of the 1960s and 1970s. He studied philosophy and music in New York and San Francisco. The Religion of Macho is the result of 14 years of full time research.

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