Remarks on Ecclesiastical History

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Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2012 - Всего страниц: 256
Purchase of this book includes free trial access to where you can read more than a million books for free. This is an OCR edition with typos. Excerpt from book: he seems not to speak thus with a design to invalidate, but rather to magnify the wonder . lie mentions Jesus Christ, and his holy life and miraculous powers, in the stile and manner of a believer f. lie seriously relates the story of the Catholics, who had their tongues cut out by Hunneric, because they would not be Arians, and spake plainly afterwards, except two, who lost their speech for their lewdness and fornication J. As to the historian Agathias, who flourished a little after Procopius, he hath, in my opinion, given us too much reason to suspect him of unbelief; though Fa- bricius judges favourably of him also, and ranks him amongst the Christians; which he should not have done ]]. History alone, says Agathias, is able to give a man immortality, not in the way that Zamolxis hath invented, and that the stupid Goths have received as true; but in another, and altogether a divine manner, whereby men subject to death, enjoy an everlasting life, This is treating the doctrine of a future state with much contempt. 1 once intended, says he, to addict myself alto- gether to poetry, to which 1 had a strong propensity, and thus to obey the oracle which commands us to know ourselves f.? Certain it is, says he, that the shedding of blood, and killing of animals, cannot be agreeable to the Deity. A deity who could take pleasure in such things, must be a cruel one, such as the poets have invented . This seems to be intended ' c. ii. -f- c. xii. J Bel/. Vand. c. viii. ]] B. Gr. vi. 261. i Pref. fl Pref. ed as an oblique censure of the Jewish religion, and of their law of sacrifices. There was, says he, a cavern. They say that it was formerly the habitation of the Italian sibyl, where, being inspired by the gods, she uttered oracles to those who cam...

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