Remember to Remember: the Mayan Mysteries

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AuthorHouse, Oct 28, 2011 - Body, Mind & Spirit - 132 pages
Compilation and Insights Remember to Remember: The Mayan Mysteries As told by a wisdom Teacher Awakening to Mythological thinking is difficult any time but to depart from institutional thinking and enter into the world of intuitive awareness is the opportunity of today. This compilation and personal Insights to the Mayan Prophesies brings a new comprehension in Remember to Remember: -The Lost Mysteries as the known and unknown carry us toward a new height of understanding.. When one approaches the Maya Mysteries as parables and legends, as well as calendars and mathematics, a new doorway opens. Beginning with the lost worlds of Lemuria and Atlantis we find ourselves caught up in the story of an empire that has left its impact. An adventure a waits, true, but this glimpse of a future more creative and hopeful takes us to the wonders of a world unknown. From a false belief of envisioning our native forefathers and mothers as primitive natives we gain an awesome recognition of the wonders of encoded hieroglyphs; we move into respect and understanding through parables, legends, and oral teachings. A major aspect of the authors perspective is to integrate the contribution of the Maya with other wisdom traditions. Many of the lingering myths of questionable ideas are clearly included in the mythology of these people. Terms avoided in the rational and intellectual community rest in the psyche of all America and as we stir these ideas come alive. The goal of evolution is presented clearly in the unfolding of these long secreted concepts, such as sky-people, hollow earth theory, and others.. From spirit/space to science/religion we get an amazing understanding of what is in store for humanity at the close of the Ninth Hell; Has Humanity achieved it goal or has it missed the mark?

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Introduction to Maya History
How the Quest Began
The Many Worlds of Maya
Entering the fifth World
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A near death experience awakened Carol E. Parrish-Harra Ph. D. to new awareness in l965. After leaving a business career, Dr. Parrish began her studies of transformation and ancient wisdom; and entered the ministry. With a deepening inner life and study of church history Carol came to believe in the value of each tradition having much to give us. She and her husband are the founders of the intentional community of Sparrow Hawk Village, at Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Among Dr. Parrish’s many honors are the 2005 International Nebolsin Medal for outstanding service in the field of education for the common good of humanity and the 1997–98 Earl Award for Religious Futurist of the Year for “exceptional achievement in the field of religious futures activities.” She was especially cited for organizing the 1996–97 international conferences for the World Network of Religious Futurists in India, the USA, and England, The author of fourteen books and courses, Dr. Parrish delights in speaking, workshops, and writing. She continues to research fascinating mysteries to which the world is now awakening. She delights in finding correlations between teachings of one wisdom system and another to help us gain new insights to the higher plan for humanity. As she researched South American Mysteries, Carol Parrish took a number of student groups to experience for themselves an introduction to this exciting and stirring study and to discover links that bring humanity together in an emerging Oneness. Embracing the Mayan mysteries and integrating them with other schools of thought has been a joy to Carol Parrish as she watches new doorways of understanding be shared. She says, as the Maya teach, we must “Remember to Remember”.

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