Reminiscences by Personal Friends of Gen. U. S. Grant and the History of Grant's Log Cabin

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1904 - 146 pages

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Page 48 - The officers to give their individual paroles not to take up arms against the Government of the United States until properly exchanged; and each company or regimental commander sign a like parole for the men of their commands. The arms, artillery, and public property to be parked and stacked, and turned over to the officers appointed by me to receive them. This will not embrace the side-arms of the officers, nor their private horses or baggage. This done, each officer and man will be allowed to return...
Page 59 - Yours of this date, proposing armistice and appointment of Commissioners to settle terms of capitulation, is just received. No terms except an unconditional and immediate surrender can be accepted. I propose to move immediately upon your works.
Page 50 - ... on the part of a large number of citizens that this war shall go on until the Union is restored ; pride, that my humble efforts in so great a cause should attract such a token from a city of strangers to me. " I will not predict a day when we will have peace again, with a Union restored ; but that that day will come, is as sure as the rising of to-morrow's sun. I have never doubted this in the darkest days of this dark and terrible rebellion. " Until this happy day of peace does come, my family...
Page 91 - ... citizen of St. Louis and engaged in the real estate agency business, I was a candidate for the office of county engineer, an office of respectability and emolument which would have been very acceptable to me at that time. The incumbent was appointed by the county court, which consisted of five members. My opponent had the advantage of birth over me (he was a citizen by adoption) and carried off the prize.
Page 50 - Philadelphia have seen fit to present me with a house, lot and furnature, in your beautiful city. The letter notifying me of this is just received. It is with feelings of gratitude and pride that I accept this substantial testimonial of the esteem of your Loyal citizens. Gratitude, because it is evidence of a deep set determination on the part of a large number of citizens that this war shall go on until the Union is restored. Pride, that my humble efforts in so great a cause should attract such...
Page 48 - At the very outset, when the first report came in, the question arose as to what was to be done with the favorable reports and bills.
Page 80 - State, being engaged in many of the most important cases in the State and federal courts. Of Amos Dean, 1826, we have spoken in connection with the founding of the Albany Law School in collaboration with two other eminent graduates of Union.
Page 79 - Board of supervisors adopted the following resolution : " Resolved, That the thanks of this Board are due, and are hereby tendered to Mr.
Page 96 - To the astonishment of the whole community the commission reported to the Secretary that although the bridge had been constructed in exact accordance with the act of Congress, it nevertheless was an obstruction to navigation and should be taken down, or that a ship canal should be built around it at its eastern end, and that the whole matter be reported to Congress for its action in the premises. A few days...
Page 88 - California with over $300,000 of the county's money, leaving its treasury almost empty. Great corruption was found to exist, and the Legislature, then in session, was appealed to to apply a remedy. There having been no legal way to oust the members of that court, except by the slow process of impeachment, the Legislature adopted the radical method of abolishing the court altogether and creating in its stead a board of five County Comissioners, with the same powers and official functions which the...

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