Rent Commission: Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Fiscal Affairs...on H.R. 3809...

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Page 88 - Now, Mr. Chairman, if you will permit me, I would like to present to you Mr.
Page 46 - This survey covered a carefully stratified sample of 15 per cent of the families in 64 cities, and provided nearly half a million usable schedules. The results, as DL Wickens has pointed out, "suggest that there are practicable limits to the amount chargeable for rents." The ratio of rent delinquency is closely related to the ratio of rent to family income. Only 16 per cent of the families with rent-income ratios between 15 and 20 per cent were delinquent; when rental represented 35 to 40 per cent...
Page 31 - That may be made a part of the record. (The table referred to is as follows:) General HINES.
Page 54 - I want to say for the benefit of the record that the gentleman in the well of the House is a very fine lawyer.
Page 38 - The Government salary of the husband constituted 77 per cent of the total family income in Baltimore, 75 per cent in Boston, 68 per cent in Chicago, 73 per cent in New York, and 78 per cent in New Orleans. It is of great interest to note the extent to which the family income is supplemented by extra work done by the husband and by work done outside the home by the wife and children. The number of husbands who supplemented their earnings by doing outside work is shown in Table 6. In Baltimore 33 per...
Page 38 - Report of Wage and personnel survey, Field survey division, Personnel classification board, 1929.
Page 31 - Research, and by the Cost of Living Division of the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Page 5 - Officers and men included in the capitulation shall be supplied by the United States, according to their rank, with rations and necessary aid as though they were prisoners of war, until the conclusion of a treaty of peace between the United States and Spain. All the funds in the Spanish treasury and all other public funds shall be turned over to the authorities of the United States.
Page 37 - New study of money disbursements of wage earners and lowersalaried workers ; by Faith M. Williams and Gertrude Schmidt.
Page 38 - ... colored families are included. One class only was excepted from the study, namely, postal employees. Such employees are given separate consideration by Congress in fixing salaries. The study is limited to the families of male workers who were in the employ of the Federal Government for a year or longer, who were married and living with their wives, and who had at least one dependent in the family. The study is restricted still further to families in which the male head had a Government salary...

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