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Halaman 186 - Provided, That there shall always be at least three representatives of each sex upon the board. Of the nine members first appointed after the passage of this act, three shall be appointed for one year, three for two years, and three for three years. Thereafter all appointments, except such as shall be made for the remainder of unexpired...
Halaman 126 - In 1875 her energies were enlisted in work for poor colored children, and she became a member of the National Association for the Relief of Destitute Colored Women and Children, with which she has been connected ever since, being its efficient 25-
Halaman vii - And it is hereby declared to be the policy of the Government of the United States to make no appropriation of money or property for the purpose of founding, maintaining or aiding, by payment for services, expenses or otherwise, any church or religious denomination, or any institution or society which is under sectarian or ecclesiastical control...
Halaman 114 - That each of the corporators in the said corporation shall be held liable, in his individual capacity, for all the debts and liabilities of said corporation, however contracted or incurred, to be recovered by suit, as other debts or liabilities before any court of competent jurisdiction...
Halaman 20 - Western city ; two have taken places in the faculty of their alma maier, and are rendering valuable returns as instructors where they were students but a short time since. Some have gone into mercantile and other offices ; some have undertaken business on their own account ; while not a few have chosen agricultural and mechanical pursuits in which the advantages of thorough mental training will give them a superiority over those not so well educated. Of those alluded to as...
Halaman 190 - An act to provide for the care of dependent children in the District of Columbia and to create a Board of Children's Guardians," and if said evidence tends to show that such child has a father or a mother, either of whom.
Halaman 182 - ... UNITED STATES." An historical and critical examination of this important institution; a work which will prove valuable to bankers and financiers generally, as well as to scholars. The author of this volume is Mr. DAVID KINLEY, AB, Assistant and Fellow in Economics in the University of Wisconsin. Second, "AMERICAN CHARITIES: A STUDY IN PHILANTHROPY AND ECONOMICS.
Halaman 12 - The superintendent, upon the order of the Secretary of War, of the Secretary of the Navy, and of the Secretary of the Treasury, respectively, shall receive, and keep in custody until they are cured, or removed by the same authority which ordered their reception, insane persons of the following descriptions : First. Insane persons belonging to the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and revenue-cutter service.
Halaman 100 - Washington, and the survivor of them, and the heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns of such survivor...
Halaman 166 - providing a permanent form of government for the District of Columbia.