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Page 7 - Higgins, George J., and Jacobs, Eastman N.: The Effect of a Flap and Ailerons on the NACA-M 6 Airfoil Section.
Page 7 - Jacobs, Eastman N., Stack, John, and Pinkerton, Robert M.: Airfoil Pressure Distribution Investigation in the Variable Density Wind Tunnel.
Page 7 - Smith, RH: Lift, Drag, and Elevator Hinge Moments of Handley-Page Control Surfaces.
Page 7 - 5. The effect of flaps should be further investigated at large values of the Reynolds Number to find the effect of different types of hinges and fairings at the hinge, including also slots between the airfoil and
Page 6 - 3. The pitching moments and hinge moments obtained from these tests agree very well with the theoretical results for small flap displacements, regardless of the size of the flap.
Page 6 - 4. For flaps 20 per cent of the chord or smaller the theory does not give a good measure of the actual flap effect
Page 6 - would indicate for all downward flap displacements, but at the higher scale, displacing the flap does not produce as great a change in the

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