Report and Official Opinions of the Attorney General of Pennsylvania for the Two Years Ending ...

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Wm. Stanley Ray, State Printer of Pennsylvania, 1915

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Страница 196 - Not only, therefore, can there be no loss of separate and independent autonomy to the States, through their union under the Constitution, but it may be not unreasonably said that the preservation of the States, and the maintenance of their governments, are as much within the design and care of the Constitution as the preservation of the Union and the maintenance of the National government. The Constitution, in all its provisions, looks to an indestructible Union, composed of indestructible States.
Страница 46 - Except as otherwise provided in this constitution, no law shall extend the term of any public officer, or increase or diminish his salary or emoluments after his election or appointment...
Страница 264 - The debt of any county, city, borough, township, school district or other municipality or incorporated district, except as herein provided, shall never exceed seven per centum upon the assessed value of the taxable property therein, nor shall any such municipality or district incur any new debt, or increase its indebtedness to an amount exceeding two per centum upon such assessed valuation of property, without the assent of the electors thereof at a public election in such manner as shall be provided...
Страница 56 - The general appropriation bill shall embrace nothing but appropriations for the ordinary expenses of the executive, legislative, and judicial departments of the Commonwealth, interest on the public debt, and for public schools; all other appropriations shall be made by separate bills, each embracing but one subject.
Страница 58 - The Governor shall have power to disapprove of any item or items of any bill, making appropriations of money, embracing distinct items, and the part or parts of the bill approved shall be the law, and the item or items of appropriation disapproved shall be void, unless repassed according to the rules and limitations prescribed for the passage of other bills over the Executive veto.
Страница 91 - ... or other suitable person, for the purpose of examination; and the cost of such removal shall be paid out of the state treasury, in the same manner as when removed by the sheriff, as in this title provided.
Страница 273 - affinity" when applied to the marriage relation, signifies the connection existing in consequence of marriage, between each of the married persons and the blood relatives of the other; 10. The word "justice," when used to designate a judicial officer, shall include "justice of the peace," and the word "sheriff" shall include "constable
Страница 280 - Any county, township, school district or other municipality, incurring any indebtedness, shall, at or before the time of so doing, provide for the collection of an annual tax, sufficient to pay the interest, and also the principal thereof within thirty years.
Страница 298 - Jersey, northerly to the place upon the said river where the circular boundary of the State of Delaware touches upon the same, in the whole length and breadth thereof, is and shall continue to be and remain a common highway, equally free and open for the use, benefit, and advantage of the said contracting parties, etc.
Страница 238 - By the statute in question it is provided that "no employee shall be required, or permitted, to work in a biscuit, bread, or cake bakery, or confectionery establishment, more than sixty hours in any one week, or more than ten hours in any one day...

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