Report of a Visit to Libraries in the United States and Canada: By Representatives of the Committee

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Page 40 - Resolved, That, pursuant to the provisions of section 47 of the Greater New York Charter, as amended, the Board of Estimate and Apportionment hereby approves of the issue of corporate stock of The City of New York...
Page 147 - LIBRARIES COMMITTEE. Report of a Visit to -Libraries in the United States and Canada by Representatives of the Committee.
Page 40 - Comptroller be, and is hereby authorized to issue said corporate stock of the City of New York in the manner provided by Section 169 of the Greater New York Charter, the proceeds thereof to the amount of the par value of the stock to be applied to the purposes aforesaid.
Page 18 - April 5, 1904, and was favored by a vote of 50,960 to 9,329. An ordinance passed by the Commissioners February 15, 1905, was accepted by the Directors on February 23, 1905. They propose to proceed with the construction of the building as soon as possible. The site is about 400 by 310 feet, and the length of the building will be about 300 feet. The sketch plans provide for the storage of 1,000,000 volumes and the accommodation of 600 readers, and for future extensions doubling this capacity.
Page 15 - ... capacity of 350,000 volumes,' open directly into the Delivery Room. On this floor, also, are located the administrative rooms of the Library. The floor above is occupied by the Reference and Reading Rooms. The former room, 138 feet long, 38 feet wide, and 30 feet high, with accommodations for 225 readers, is situated on the east front of the building, and is directly over the bookrooms, with which it is connected by means of automatic electric lifts, thus insuring rapid service.
Page 15 - ... Garland court, and Randolph street, its longest facade being on the avenue, with a court in the rear for future extensions. Its extreme dimensions are 352^ by 146^ feet and the top of its cornice is 90 feet above the sidewalk, exclusive of the crowning balustrade. It contains three principal stories with two intermediate floors and a basement. The exterior is of Bedford limestone with a granite base. The foundation rests on piles, the tops of which are driven to an average depth of 74 feet below...
Page 24 - As the instruction is largely technical a good general education on the part of the students is presupposed, a high school education or its equivalent being a necessity. The broad educational side of the profession is also emphasized, while the literary part of the course is designed to assist the students in gaining the librarian's technical knowledge of books and authors, which can onlv be acquired by library methods.
Page 15 - Sienna marble. On the top floor, at the south end, are the Directors' rooms and the rooms for art books. The great reading room for periodicals and newspapers, 142 feet long and 55 feet wide, seating 450 readers, occupies the entire north front of the building on the fourth floor, adjoinining the reference room.
Page 51 - If these are below the street level, a movable platform should be provided. Dust Flues. Unless the vacuum cleaning apparatus is installed, dust flues and compressed air with openings on each floor of the Stack and in the principal rooms in the main building may answer all purposes. Elevators. Elevators should run from the basement to the top floor. Two passenger elevators for the public, and one for the staff should be provided. A freight elevator large enough to hold two or three trucks (such as...
Page 48 - M bo provided large enough to hold heavy machinery, and to enable tho library to have its own binding done within the building, although it is not at all certain whether it is not more economical to give the use of the room to some binder, and arrange with him to do the work at so much per volume. Should go. in the basement near the repair room. If all binding is not done by the library, the repair room, if made...

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