Report of Sub-committee of Committee on Scholarship on Student Ability

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Page 43 - HATCH, EM Efficiency of instruction in unselected sections in elementary psychology compared with that in sections selected on basis of intelligence tests.
Page 7 - A boy scoring 85 to 95 has intellect enough to do collegiate and professional work with distinction. A boy scoring 70 to 85 has intellect enough to do the work to obtain a college degree.
Page 40 - It has been shown that as far as the quality of students obtained is concerned, the minimum age limit has the opposite effect from what is desired.
Page 44 - GEORGE F. ARPS : University Students' Intelligence Ratings According to the Army Alpha Test; Sch. and Soc., Feb.
Page 39 - The leading argument advanced in favor of honor courses is that they place the gifted student more upon his own responsibility, give him greater freedom in the use of his time, and replace lesson learning by practice in constructive thinking.
Page 39 - He reports wide-spread interest in the problem and a large amount of experimentation by the use of intelligence tests, class sectioning, special assignments, "honor courses," "honor point" schemes, honors, and prizes, scholarships, personal interviews, annual '"inventories," rating plans, etc. In December, 1921, a "Conference upon the Problem of the Unusually Gifted Student" was held at the offices of the National Research Council.
Page 44 - The performance of vocational men and regular students on three types of psychological tests.
Page 44 - Three Types of Psychological Rating in Use with Freshmen at Dartmouth,
Page 47 - LANE MEDICAL LIBRARY To avoid fine, this book should be returned on or before the date last stamped below.
Page 10 - The inferiority of incoming material in the winter, spring, and summer quarters is thus much more marked in the case of men than in the case of women.

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