Report of the Army Medical Department, Great Britain, Volume 12

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Page 235 - British soldiers in health and humour. Let us hope that the experience we have acquired during the Red River Expedition may have buried for ever this old-fogyish superstition. Never have the soldiers of any nation been called upon to perform more unceasingly hard work ; and it may be confidently asserted, without dread of contradiction, that no men have ever been more cheerful or better behaved in every respect. No...
Page 634 - January February March April . . May ... Juno .. July .. August September October November December...
Page 248 - I think they consist of a peculiar kind of living matter, the smallest particle of which, when supplied with its proper pabulum, will grow and multiply, giving rise to millions of little particles like itself, each having similar properties and powers
Page 67 - Under $5. $5 and under 10. 10 and under 15. 15 and under 20 . 20 and under 25. 25 and under 30. 30 and under 35. 35 and under 40.
Page 235 - Arthur's Landing and the other larger camps. The men had fresh meat, bread, and potatoes every day. No spirits were allowed throughout the journey to Fort Garry, but all ranks had daily a large ration of tea. This w:as one of the very few military expeditions ever undertaken by English troops where intoxicating liquor formed no part of the daily ration. It was an experiment based upon the practice common in Canada, where the lumbermen, who spend the whole winter in the backwoods, employed upon the...
Page 228 - ... destructive to life and health, 48 Injurious in a greater or less degree, . . . .49 Public health not affected by use in their towns, . . 16 The people of their towns very temperate, . . .27 Intoxicating drinks not used in their towns, ... 5 The effect is bad upon foreigners in their towns, but not upon natives, ........ 4 Useful in the decline of life, 1 Use promotes longevity, 1 Indefinite replies, 13 The following extracts from letters give more information on this subject : — " I am satisfied...
Page 353 - Ceylon, on a dark night, and sustained a simple fracture of the left femur at the junction of the upper and middle third, together with a fracture of both bones of the left forearm, near the wrist-joint.
Page 227 - The single continuous thread of probability which we have been able to follow in this inquiry, leads uniformly to the decomposition of organized (and chiefly vegetable) substances, as the cause of typhoid fever as it occurs in Massachusetts.
Page 231 - From their respective viruses you may plant typhoid fever) scarlatina, or small-pox. What is the crop that arises from this husbandry ? As surely as a thistle rises from a thistle seed, as surely as the fig comes from the fig, the grape from the grape, the thorn from the thorn, so surely does the typhoid virus increase and multiply into typhoid fever, the scarlatina virus into scarlatina, the small-pox virus into small-pox. What is the conclusion that suggests itself here ? It is this : — That...
Page 278 - Full examination, and any surgical operation that may be required by the nature of the case should be performed as soon as possible after the receipt of the...

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