Report of the Committee of Twelve of the Modern Language Association of America

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D. C. Heath, 1911 - Languages, Modern - 101 pages
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Page 70 - The work should comprise, in addition to the elementary course, the reading of about 400 pages of moderately difficult prose and poetry, with constant practice in giving, sometimes orally and sometimes in writing, paraphrases, abstracts, or reproductions from memory of selected portions of the matter read ; also grammatical drill upon the less usual strong verbs, the use of articles, cases, auxiliaries of all kinds, tenses and modes (with special reference to the infinitive and subjunctive), and...
Page 70 - THE AIM OF THE INSTRUCTION. At the end of the intermediate course the pupil should be able to read at sight ordinary French prose or simple poetry, to translate into French a connected passage of English based on the text read, and to answer questions involving a more thorough knowledge of syntax than is expected in the elementary course. THE WORK TO BE DONE.
Page 75 - ... elementary rules of syntax; (3) abundant easy exercises, designed not only to fix in the memory the forms and principles of grammar, but also to cultivate readiness in the reproduction of natural forms of expression; (4) the reading of from 100 to 175 duodecimo pages of graduated texts, with constant practice in translating into French easy variations of the sentences read (the teacher giving the English), and in reproducing from memory sentences previously read; (5) writing French from dictation.
Page 46 - Drill upon the rudiments of grammar, that is, upon the inflection of the articles, of such nouns as belong to the language of every-day life, of adjectives, pronouns, weak verbs and the more usual strong verbs ; also upon the use of the more common prepositions, the simpler uses of the modal auxiliaries, and the elementary rules of syntax and word -order.
Page 104 - Aus dem Staat Friedrichs des Grossen (Hagar). 25 cts. Freytag's Aus dem Jahrhundert des grossen Krieges (Rhoades). 35 cts. Freytag's Rittmeister von Alt-Rosen (Hatfield).
Page 100 - With vocabulary. Follows the above or serves as independent reader. Cloth. 202 pages. 65 cts. Joynes's German Reader. Progressive, both in text and notes, has a complete vocabulary, also English Exercises. Half leather, 90 cts. Cloth, 75 cts. Deutsch...
Page 96 - Nur ein Teil der Kunst kann gelehrt werden, der Künstler braucht sie ganz. Wer sie halb kennt, ist immer irre und redet viel; wer sie ganz besitzt, mag nur tun und redet selten oder spät.
Page 82 - This should comprise the reading of from 400 to 600 pages of French of ordinary difficulty, a portion to be in the dramatic form; constant practice in giving French paraphrases, abstracts or reproductions from memory of selected portions of the matter read; the study of a grammar of moderate completeness; writing from dictation. Suitable texts for the third year are: Bazin, Les Oberle; Dumas, novels; Merimee Colombo; Sandeau, Mile, de la Seiglibre; Tocqueville, Voyages en Amirique.
Page 47 - During the second year the work should comprise: (i) the reading of from 150 to 200 pages of literature in the form of easy stories and plays; (2) accompanying practice, as before in the translation into German of easy variations upon the matter read, and also in the off-hand reproduction, sometimes orally and sometimes in writing, of the substance of short and easy selected passages; (3) continued drill upon the rudiments of the grammar, directed to the ends of enabling the pupil, first, to use...
Page 101 - Vocabulary. 40 cts. Heyse's Niels mit der offenen Hand (Joynes). Vocab. and exercises. 30 cts. Heyse's L'Arrabbiata (Bernhardt), With vocabulary. 25 cts. Von Hillern's Höher als die Kirche (Clary). With vocabulary. 25 cts. Hauff's Der Zwerg Nase. No notes. 15 cts.

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