Report of the Minister of Education

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Ontario Education Department, 1868

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Strana 20 - For the purpose of public instruction, we hold every man subject to taxation in proportion to his property, and we look not to the question, whether he himself have, or have not, children to be benefited by the education for which he pays.
Strana 20 - We regard it as a wise and liberal system of police, by which property, and life, and the peace of society are secured. We seek to prevent, in some measure, the extension of the penal code, by inspiring a salutary and conservative principle of virtue and of knowledge in an early age.
Strana 20 - By general instruction, we seek, as far as possible, to purify the whole moral atmosphere ; to keep good sentiments uppermost, and to turn the strong current of feeling and opinion, as well as the censures of the law, and the denunciations of religion, against immorality and crime.
Strana 105 - Take heed therefore how ye hear: for whosoever hath, to him shall be given ; and whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken even that which he seemeth to have.
Strana 164 - ... on the thirtieth day of June and the thirty-first day of December in each and every year...
Strana 143 - ... Provincial certificates granted by the Chief Superintendent of Education. The Chief Superintendent of Education, on the recommendation of the Masters of the Normal School, and under the authority of the following section of the Upper Canada School Act of 1850, 13th and 14th Viet., chap.
Strana 20 - ... exceeding fifty dollars for each offence, to be recovered by indictment, to the use of the public schools in the city or town where such establishment is situated ; and the school committees in the several cities and towns shall prosecute for all such forfeitures.
Strana 172 - Canada, during the year 1863, including a statistical statement of other Educational Institutions, as far as I have been able to obtain information respecting them. To my report I have added an Appendix, which contains copious extracts from local...
Strana 20 - We do not, indeed, expect all men to be philosophers or statesmen ; but we confidently trust, and our expectation of the duration of our system of government rests on that trust, that by the diffusion of general knowledge and good and virtuous sentiments, the political fabric may be secure, as well against open violence and overthrow, as against the slow, but sure, undermining of licentiousness.
Strana 20 - ... public or private day school, under teachers approved by the school committee of the place in which said school was kept, at least one term of eleven weeks, and unless they shall attend such a school for a like period during each twelve months of such employment. Children under twelve years of age, having resided in this State for a like period, shall not be so employed unless they have attended a like school for the term of eighteen weeks within twelve months next preceding their employment,...

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