Report of the Railroad Commissioner

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Страница 59 - ... companies are carriers for hire. They are incorporated as such, and given extraordinary powers, in order that they may the better serve the public in that capacity. They are, therefore, engaged in a public employment affecting the public interest, and, under the decision in Munn v. Illinois, supra, p. 113, subject to legislative control as to their rates of fare and freight, unless protected by their charters.
Страница 58 - The power and authority of regulating railroad freights and passenger tariffs, preventing unjust discriminations, and requiring reasonable and just rates of freight and passenger tariffs, are hereby conferred upon the General Assembly, whose duty it shall be to pass laws, from time to time, to regulate freight and passenger tariffs, to prohibit unjust discriminations on the various railroads .of this State, and to prohibit said roads from charging other than just and reasonable rates...
Страница 59 - ... shall charge, collect, demand or receive more than a fair and reasonable rate of toll or compensation, for the transportation of passengers or freight, of any description, or for the use and transportation of any railroad car upon its track, or any of the...
Страница 24 - Average rate of fare per mile for season ticket passengers, reckoning one round trip per day to each ticket .00 4-5 c.
Страница 58 - ... the Legislature, whose duty it shall be to pass laws from time to time regulating freight and passenger tariffs, to prohibit unjust discrimination on the various railroads, canals and rivers of the State, and to prohibit the charging of other than just and reasonable rates and enforce the same by adequate penalties.
Страница 52 - ... of safety. It is impossible to show safety when the danger exists which the signal is designed to avert.
Страница 35 - Rate of dividend paid to stockholders 8 per cent. Total surplus after paying dividend 122,343 89 Total surplus at commencement of year 89,983 28 Expended during the year for new rolling stock 11,263 33 Expended during the year for repairs of rolling stock 13,454 03 Balance of rolling stock...
Страница 51 - Wire systems are unreliable, even when doing all that is claimed for them. In the best wire systems of automatic signals extant the operation is substantially as follows: When the signal section is reached by a moving train, the first wheel in the train (that is, the first wheel of the locomotive truck) closes an electric circuit, and thereby brings a danger or block signal into view by the direct action of magnetism. The signal remains at danger until the locomotive has run say a mile beyond, or...
Страница 59 - Secretary for use as prescribed in section 5. "(c) Any person who violates any regulation established pursuant to this Act shall be subject to a civil penalty of not less than $1,000 nor more than $5,000 for each violation.

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