Report of the State Irrigation Commissioner to the Kansas State Board of Agriculture

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Page 21 - States and to the President of the United States, and the President of the United States is requested to give notice to the Governors of the signatory States of approval by the Congress of the United States.
Page 41 - California, but the right to the use of running water flowing in a river or stream or down a canyon or ravine may be acquired by appropriation...
Page 21 - This compact shall become binding and obligatory when it shall have been approved by the Legislatures of each of the signatory States and by the Congress of the United States.
Page 27 - If congress consented, then the states were in this respect restored to their original inherent sovereignty; such consent being the sole limitation imposed by the constitution, when given, left the states as they were before . . . whereby their compacts became of binding force, and finally settled the boundary between them: operating with the same effect as a treaty between sovereign powers.
Page 21 - River System not covered by the terms of this compact; (b) over the meaning or performance of any of the terms of this compact; (c) as to the allocation of the burdens incident to the performance of any article of this compact or the delivery of waters as herein provided: (d) as to the construction or operation of works...
Page 27 - Glover, 119 US, 543; Ouachita Packet Co. v. Aiken, 121 US, 444; Indiana v. Kentucky, 136 US, 479; Virginia v. Tennessee, 148 US, 503; Wharton v. Wise, 153 US, 155; St.
Page 43 - A failure to comply with such rules deprives the claimants of the right to the use of the water as against a subsequent claimant who complies therewith.
Page 18 - Kansas as against all the defendants, without prejudice to the right of the plaintiff to institute new proceedings whenever it shall appear that through a material increase in the depletion of the waters of the Arkansas by Colorado, its corporations or citizens, the substantial interests of Kansas are being injured to the extent of destroying the equitable apportionment of benefits between the two states resulting from the flow of the river.
Page 21 - ... equity in the district court of the United States in the district in which any project or part thereof is situated for the purpose of revoking for violation of its terms any permit or license issued...

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