Report of the Wisconsin Legislative Council, Submitted to the Governor and Legislature, April, 1951, Issue 3

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Wisconsin Legislative Council, 1951 - Criminal law - 108 pages
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Page 1 - The rule of the common law, that penal statutes are to be strictly construed, has no application to this code. All its provisions are to be construed according to the fair import of their terms, with a view to effect its objects and to promote justice.
Page 36 - ... shall be punished by a fine of not more than $200 or by imprisonment for not more than 20 days or by both such fine and imprisonment...
Page 13 - ... yet he has no right to repel a threatened assault with naked hands, by the use of a deadly weapon in a deadly manner, unless he believes, and has reasonable grounds to believe, that he is in imminent danger of death or great bodily harm.
Page 7 - ... (2) A person is concerned in the commission of the crime if he: (a) Directly commits the crime; or (b) Intentionally aids and abets the commission of it; or (c) Is a party to a conspiracy with or a solicitation of another to commit it. Such a party is also concerned in the commission of any other crime which is committed in pursuance of the intended crime and which under the circumstances is a natural and probable consequence of the intended crime. This paragraph does not apply to a party to...
Page 8 - aids and abets" is a phrase of art which covers all assistance rendered by words, acts, encouragement, support or presence, actual or constructive, to render assistance if necessary. See Black's Law Dictionary and cases cited therein. Although the term "aid and abet...
Page 39 - It is unlawful for any person to entice, counsel, or persuade to run away any apprentice, or to harbor, or conceal him, knowing him to be a runaway. Any party so offending is guilty of a misdemeanor, and may be fined not more than one hundred dollars, to be recovered by the master in any court having jurisdiction.
Page 7 - ... commit it and although the person who directly committed it has not been convicted or has been convicted of some other degree of the crime or of some other crime based on the same act.
Page 2 - Every person who shall wilfully burn, or cause to be burned, any building, or any goods, wares, merchandise, or other chattels, which shall be at the time insured against loss or damage by fire, with intent to injure or defraud such insurer, whether the same be the property of such person or of any other, shall, upon conviction, be adjudged guilty of arson in the second degree, and punished accordingly.
Page 47 - Extortion is the obtaining of property from another, with his consent, induced by a wrongful use of force or fear, or under color of official right.
Page 49 - ... shall be fined not more than $200 or imprisoned not more than 6 months, or both.

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