Report of the Case of Twycross V. Grant, in the Court of Common Pleas and the Court of Appeal with the Judgments as Revised by the Judges and an Intod. and Notes Containing Notices of the Previous Cases on the Subject

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Page 2 - 1851. 18*. Dixon's Farm.—Vide "Farm." ARBITRATION.—Russell's Treatise on the Duty and Power of an Arbitrator, and the Law of Submissions and Awards; with an Appendix of Forms, and of the Statutes relating to Arbitration. By FRANCIS RUSSELL, Esq., Recorder of Tenterden. Fourth Edition. Royal 8vo. 1870. II. 16*. ARTICLED CLERKS.—Butlin's New and Complete Examination Guide and Introduction to the Law
Page 33 - of the parties to any contract entered into by the company, or the promoters, directors, or trustees thereof before the issue of such prospectus or notice, whether subject to adoption by the directors or the company, or otherwise : and any prospectus or notice not specifying the same shall be deemed fraudulent on the part of the
Page 5 - Cumin's Manual of Civil Law.—A Manual of Civil Law, containing a Translation of, and Commentary on, the Fragments of the XII. Tables, and the Institutes of Justinian ; the Text of the Institutes of Gaius and Justinian arranged in parallel columns ; and the Text of the Fragments of Ulpian, and of Selections from Paul's Receptse Sententise.
Page 14 - Nisi Prius." EXAMINATION GUIDES—Bedford's Guide to the Preliminary Examination for Solicitors.—Fourth Edition. 12mo. 1874. Net, Ss. Bedford's Digest of the Preliminary Examination Questions on English and Latin, Grammar, Geography, History, French Grammar, and Arithmetic, with the Answers. 8vo. 1875. 18s. Bedford's Preliminary Guide to Latin Grammar.— 12mo. 1872. Net,
Page 8 - We believe that the present edition will be found by articled clerks and young solicitors a trustworthy guide to the present practice relating to the daily routine of conveyancing in solicitors' offices."—Law Magazine and Review. August, 1876.
Page 9 - Summerhays and Toogood's Precedents of Bills of Costs in the Chancery, Queen's Bench, Common Pleas, Exchequer, Probate and Divorce Divisions of the High Court of Justice, in Conveyancing, Bankruptcy, &c., with Scales of Allowances and Court Fees, &c., &c. Royal 8vo. 1877.
Page 1 - A.RD. With Notes of Cases from French Maritime Law. By ALGERNON JONES, Avocat a la Cour Imperiale de Paris. 2 vols. Royal 8vo. 1865. 3/. Stuart's Cases heard and determined in the Vice-Admiralty Court at Quebec, 1836-75. Edited by GEORGE OKILL STUART, Esq., QC 2 vols. Royal 8vo. 1858-75.
Page 10 - Pleading and Evidence in Criminal Cases.—With the Statutes, Precedents of Indictments, &c., and the Evidence necessary to support them. By JOHN JERVIS, Esq. (late Lord Chief Justice of Her Majesty's Court of Common Pleas). Eighteenth Edition, including the Practice in Criminal Proceedings by Indictment. By WILLIAM BRUCE, of the Middle Temple, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, and Stipendiary Magistrate for the Borough of Leeds. Royal 12mo. 1875.
Page 16 - .-Continued. Shelford's Law of High-ways.—The Law of Highways ; including the General Highway Acts for England and Wales, and other Statutes, with copious Notes of the Decisions thereon ; with Forms. The Third Edition. With Supplement by C. MANLEY SMITH, Esq., one of the Masters of the Queen's Bench. 12mo. 1865.

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