Report of the Commissioners: Evidences and Proceedings. v. 1-4

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L. M'Dermott, 1871 - Foreign workers

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Page 417 - Justices shall think fit, or to discharge him upon his entering into a Recognizance (E.), with or without Surety or Sureties, at the Discretion of such Justice or Justices, conditioned for his Appearance at the Time and Place to which such Hearing shall be so adjourned...
Page 417 - ... before a justice of the peace to be dealt with according to law...
Page 427 - From seven o'clock in the morning until five o'clock in the afternoon.
Page 253 - Ordinance says, that" in every case of review the parties may be heard by themselves or by counsel, and whether they or either of them appear or not the Court shall proceed to give judgment according to the very right of the matter without regarding any imperfection or defect of form.
Page 312 - Inquiries are but seldom made about character or precedent, and, as though a large number of reindentures rebounded to the credit of the management with proprietors at home, hands are often accepted respecting whom the slightest inquiry would have discovered that they had spent the greater part of their previous service in idleness, desertion, and imprisonment; consequently complaints are frequent of desertion following immediately after receipt of bounty...
Page 469 - Immigration AgentGeneral may prosecute an inquiry, in respect to any such matters as aforesaid; And the Immigration Agent-General may, either before or after such inquiry, lay an information/' and so forth. Now, supposing that is the remedy within the reach of the immigrant, do you consider it would be a part of your duty to tell the immigrant in such a case as that that he might apply to the Immigration Ageut General to prosecute the case for him ?— A.
Page 123 - I may tell you the rule I have established in respect to Leonora. The people are received in the hospital from the ship ; they remain there on full rations for three or four days ; they receive a supply of soap and cocoa-nut oil to clean themselves and their clothes ; then a good many of them draft themselves out to go and live with people who hail from the same village in India. The balance are allotted houses on the estate, separate houses for themselves. After working for four or five days, chopping...
Page 144 - It was never the intention of the legislature, at the time of the passing of that bill, that the limit of work should be five shillings.
Page 111 - The young canes may be two or three feet high. The weeders hoe out the weeds from the nine-feet space, and lay them on a three-feet space adjoining. Weeds in British Guiana are incredible plagues — vicious, pertinacious, domineering...
Page 104 - ... appoints his own overseers. I may mention that on the Colonial Company's estates a great many young men are sent out indentured from home, and they are placed on the estates either by myself or by my co-attorneys. Q. You are one of the attorneys for the Colonial Company's estates ? A. I am. Q. What are the estates for which you are attorney ? A. Well, to begin with, Hampton Court, on the Arabian coast. I am at present also acting for Anna Regina as planting attorney. I then come across to the...

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