Report of the Health Officer

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1917 - Public health

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Page 23 - The larger establishments, engaged in interstate business, are of course subject to inspection both by the Bureau of Animal Industry United States Department of Agriculture, and...
Page 45 - F.; and that no utensils or pails used to receive the milk as secreted from the udder of the cow shall have an uncovered opening at the top exceeding 7 inches in diameter. It is recommended that section 12a of an ordinance to prevent the sale of unwholesome food in the District of Columbia...
Page 47 - I have the honor to submit the following report relative to the work performed in the chemical laboratory for the fiscal year ended June 30, 1907.
Page 55 - Summary of the report on the survey of the north and northwest lakes for the year ending June 30, 1867. I have the honor to submit the following summary of the operations of the lake survey for the year ending June 30, 1867...
Page 62 - At the close of the preceding fiscal year six cases were pending in the police court for violation of law regulating the hours of labor of females. Nine violations were reported during the year and referred to the corporation counsel for prosecution. These cases were disposed of as follows: In 3 cases a nolle prosequi was entered, in 1 case personal bond was taken, fines imposed in 9 cases, 1 case was dismissed, and 1 case was pending at the close of the year. The amount of fines was $160.
Page 44 - Approximately 18,000 milk cans being returned to producers of milk were examined during the year. Of this number 235 were tagged so as to notify the owners that such cans were not suitable for the purpose for which they were being used. Invariably this tagging resulted in the discontinuance of the use of the cans for shipping milk. Inspection of markets, groceries, and other places where foods are prepared for sale and sold. — There was...
Page 55 - Minimum period of isolation. The minimum period of isolation, within the meaning of this code, shall be as follows : Chickenpox, until twelve days after the appearance of the eruption and until the crusts have fallen and the scars are completely healed. Diphtheria (membranous croup), until two successive negative cultures have been obtained from the nose and throat at intervals of twenty-four hours.
Page 82 - F. Patterson, Edwin W. Peck, Luke B. Pence, Charles W. Penrod, Hiram J. Penrose. Clement A. Percival, Francis R Perkins, Louis J. Perkins, Robt. W. Perkins, Thomas L.
Page 50 - In cooperation with the Bureau of Chemistry of the United States Department of Agriculture, this section through prompt and vigorous action forced the withdrawal of several shipments of inferior cottonseed products.
Page 60 - Nolle prosequi was entered in 146 cases; personal bonds were taken in 33 cases; collateral forfeited in 1 case; and fines were imposed in 6 cases. There were 47 cases pending at the close of the fiscal year. The amount of fines and collaterals was $64. The same system prevailed during this year as has...

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