Report of the Proceedings at the Memorial Meeting in Honor of the Late Mr. Joseph Andrews: (engraver) ...

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Boston Art Club, 1873 - Engravers - 21 pages

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Page 8 - Ms brother Ferdinand, his elder by some years, who also had quite a fondness for drawing, but afterwards became a printer and an editor, editing the " Boston Traveller " during a period of several years. Joseph one day saw the brother engaged in an attempt to imitate a small cut upon metal with the aid of a knife, and he at once conceived the idea that he should like to be an engraver. Coming to Boston ou a visit in his fifteenth year, he happened to see a sign, which read :
Page 13 - I have already remarked, soared higher, but thö hard task of life chained him to the clay, and fettered the pinions of his genius. Of all artistic careers, that of a line engraver in modern times is perhaps the most thankless. And it was upon line engraving especially that he had set his heart. More popular and more expeditious methods of reproduction have almost succeeded in supplanting this difficult and severe art, and even in Europe it is only supported in...
Page 9 - Europe offers to the student of art, are apt to forget that those who went before us had to labor under yet greater difficulties, and it may not, therefore, be amiss to pay them this passing tribute, while lingering over the memory of one who formed so important a connecting link between the two periods, and lent the power of his heart and hand to assist in lifting American art to its present position. To Abel Bowen, then, our future engraver went, to be then and there...
Page 10 - Annuals," which was then in vogue in England and was soon imitated in the United States, gave him the first opportunity for a more fitting display of his talents, although even in this branch he was at the beginning forced to content himself with the role of an imitator. This role, however, he played so well, that when, in 1828, he imitated a plate entitled " The Cottage Legend," for the " Token
Page 10 - Nothing, liowpvcr, came of this plan, and about the year 1827 Mr. Andrews went to Lancaster, Mass., with his brother, where he set up with him in the engraving and printing business. He had thus far only had occasion to do maps and small illustrations for children's books, all the latter copied from English prints. The publication of
Page 10 - In the latter part of that year Mr. Andrews, having lost his first wife, went to England. He felt that he was still lacking in many essentials, and he hoped to learn in Europe what he could not acquire here. What he was then especially in want of, as he himself explained it in later years, was a knowledge of how to express 'Hone.
Page 9 - ... for advertisements in the papers, and other jobs of a similar nature. But besides wood engraving, he also learned the art of lettering brazen doorplates, and to this more than to the other, although apparently more artistic occupation, he owed an advantage which, after all, repaid him for the time spent in Mr.
Page 11 - Our friend stayed with his English master for nine months, and during that period went to France with him, remaining in Paris ten weeks. While there he engraved the head of Franklin for the
Page 12 - Having left an infant daughter behind him, our artist felt himself powerfully drawn towards his home, and therefore resolved to return, in the hope that, with the new knowledge and skill obtained in Europe, he would find ample emploj-ment upon " Annual
Page 12 - In this, however, he was so sadly disappointed, that he soon regretted having left England, for he had hardly returned, when the great commercial crisis of 1837 broke upon the country, and left him with very little to do. With the exception of a head of Washington...

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