Report of the Sex Education Sessions of the Fourth International Congress on School Hygiene and of the Annual Meeting of the Federation, at Buffalo, New York, August 27th and 29th, 1913

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American Federation for Sex Hygiene, 1913 - Sex instruction - 151 pages
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Page 24 - ... plainly but delicately, without exaggeration or morbid suggestion, without interference with parental rights or religious convictions, and in general in a pure, high-minded, disinterested way. The pioneering part of this work must be done by voluntary associations, as is usual in social reforms ; but it should be the constant aim of these private organizations to enlist gradually the public authorities in this vast undertaking, and to transfer to the public treasury as fast as possible the support...
Page 62 - I s'pose maybe he is, but the po' little thing mus' feel sort o' scrouged with 'em, ef he 's got 'em all — the Joneses' an
Page 62 - My good blade carves the casques of men, My tough lance thrusteth sure, My strength is as the strength of ten, Because my heart is pure.
Page 47 - Having almost no opportunity to hear sex and matrimony discussed with reverence, our young people have almost invariably heard these subjects discussed with vulgarity.
Page 47 - ... on the specious plea of physiological necessity. With the sanction of this double standard, tacitly accepted by society, the majority of men have grown up in indulgence and have developed habits which are, or which they believe to be, beyond their control. Millions of men who recognize no law in sex life but their own appetites are thus contributed to us by the past. They are factors in the present situation and must be reckoned with.
Page 17 - ... be simultaneously enlisted in this cause — state, church, school, college, industrial, and charitable corporations, all productive industries, and both preventive and remedial medicine. The attack must be directed against the three principal causes of the present evil conditions: First, against lust in men; secondly, against the weakness, dependence, mental deficiency, and lack of moral principle of the women who supply the demands of men; thirdly, against the greed and depravity of the wretches...
Page 54 - ... reproduction and the hygiene of the reproductive organs, a knowledge of these alone is not very likely to keep boys and girls from bad practices when the time of temptation comes. "The inadequacy of mere knowledge in the realm of sex hygiene,'' says President Foster of Reed College, Portland, Oregon, "is painfully evident. To the knowledge of what is right must be added the will to do the right.
Page 71 - Christ; train them from their early years to reverence womankind, to fall down in veneration before motherhood, God's sweet gift to women. Your girls; teach them reserve, modesty in manner and dress ; tell, oh tell them that in them, in their purity and self-sacrifice lies the hope of our beloved nation. This done, carry your campaign further. Purge the press, cleanse the novel, elevate the theatre, abolish animal dances, frown on coeducation after the age of puberty. In the words of St. Paul : "...
Page 15 - ... concerning the prevalence of syphilis in the community at large, statistics greatly needed, because the previous guesses and estimates on that subject and the results of some recent applications of the test to considerable numbers of public hospital patients are disquieting. These medical discoveries raise important ethical questions. Will the fact that syphilis can apparently be cured in many instances increase sexual immorality? Will the fact that a few dissolute men and women escape venereal...
Page 23 - Each physician would probably require the aid of a man and a woman competent to inquire into the family histories of the applicants for a marriage license. It is probable that much public instruction will have to be given through newspapers, magazines, lectures, and discussions in men's clubs and women's clubs before sound and effective eugenic legislation can be placed on the statute books. Again, we find that public progress in relation to sex hygiene and eugenics is to be procured chiefly through...

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