Report of the tests of metals and other materials for industrial purposes made with the United States testing machine at Watertown Arsenal, Massachusetts, during the year ended ...

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Page 13 - .505. Sectional area, .20 square inch. Gauged length, 2". General summary. Tensile strength per square inch of original section pounds..
Page 424 - The figures in the first five columns of each table are taken from the details of the tests. The loads in pounds per square inch of the second column refer to the gross sectional area of the concrete and steel taken together. The stresses on the bars shown in the sixth and seventh columns of the tables are computed from the resiliences on the gauged lengths, using a modulus of elasticity of 30,000,000 pounds per square inch for the steel. For example, the stress per square inch on the bars at 200...
Page 3 - Very respectfully, WM. H. TAFT, Secretary of War. The SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES.
Page 469 - Laid in lime mortar — 1 part lime and 3 parts sand. Age, 3 months 4 days. Weight, 837 pounds = 104.1 pounds per cubic foot. Height of pier, 96.60 inches. Sectional area, 1Г.94Х 12".
Page 286 - .33; area, .0855 square inch. Contraction of area, 65.8 per cent. Fractured at the middle of the stem. Applied loads per square inch. In gauged length. Remarks. Elongation. Bet. Pound«.
Page 3 - SIR: I have the honor to submit, for transmission to Congress as required by law, a copy of the report of the commanding officer of Watertown Arsenal, of "Tests of iron and steel and other materiaI for industrial purposes," made at that arsenal during the fiscal year ended June 30, 1966.

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