Report of the Tests of Metals and Other Materials for Industrial Purposes Made with the United States Testing Machine at Watertown Arsenal, Massachusetts, During the Year Ended ...

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1913 - Building materials

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Page 3 - SUBMITTAL, WAR DEPARTMENT, OFFICE OF THE CHIEF OF ORDNANCE, Washington, March 3, 1913. From : The Acting Chief of Ordnance. To : The Secretary of War. Subject: Annual report, tests of iron, steel, etc., 1912. I submit herewith, for transmission to Congress as required by law, a copy of the report of the commanding officer of Watertown Arsenal, of ' ' Tests of iron and steel and other materials for industrial purposes," made at that arsenal during the fiscal year ended June 30, 1912.
Page 5 - The receipts and expenditures were as follows: Amount appropriated for testing machine and testing work $15, 000. 00 Received for private tests 964.
Page 243 - SOFT." The minimum physical qualities required in each class shall be as follows: Hard Medium Soft castings.
Page 146 - Elastic limit per square inch. Tensile strength per square inch. Elongation. Contrac tion of area.
Page 79 - Inspectors' extensometer used on 2-in. length. Elongation of inch sections: 0.42, 0.43 in. Diameter at fracture, 0.62 in. Position of fracture, 1.40 in. from the neck. Appearance of fracture, light yellow SUMMARY. Limit of proportionality 10,000 Ib. per sq.
Page 18 - Tensile strength. This sample was annealed at 1,500 F. for one hour and allowed to cool slowly in the furnace for about nine hours; annealed the second time at 1,500 F. for three hours and allowed to cool in furnace for about nine hours. Marks, 7-B, — from same coil as 7-A. Dimensions, 0.1031 by 0.1021 in. Sectional area, 0.010526 sq. in. Gauged length, 30 in. Elongation after fracture, 2.62...
Page 22 - Elongation after fracture, 2.79 in. in 30 in. = 9.3 per cent. Dimensions at fracture, 0.105 by 0.105 in. Sectional area, 0.01103 sq. in. Contraction of area, 32 per cent. Position of fracture, at gauge mark. Applied loads. In gauged length. Per inch. Remarks. Total. Per square incn. Elongation. Set. Elongation. Set. Lb. Lb. In. In. In. In. 81 5,000 0. 0. 0. 0. 163 10,000 .0071 .0009 .00024 .00003 244 15,000 .0125 .0009 .00042 .00003 325 20,000 .0180 .0010 .00060 .00003 406 25,000 .0232 .0012 .00077...
Page 69 - Set. 16,500 82,500 Tensile strength. TEST 14869. GUN STEEL. TRUNNION HOOP 6-IN. GUN. Marks, 1743 FC. Diameter, 0.505 in. Sectional area, 0.20 sq. in. Gauged length, 2 in. Elongation of inch sections, 0.29*, 0.24 in. Diameter at fracture, 0.38 in. Position of fracture, at middle of length. Appearance of fracture, silky. SUMMARY. Limit of proportionality 43, 000 Ib.
Page 222 - CASTING. HYDROSTATIC TEST OF GUN CASTING. The specimen for this test was similar to the one shown on p. 81, ^ Tests of Metals, etc., 1903." Its dimensions were as follows: ; The circumference of the test cylinder was divided into eight equal portions by reference marks, A, B, C, and D, each 45 from the previous one in alphabetical order. The maximum fiber stress in the specimen was computed by the following formula: in which P = pressure in the bore in Ib.
Page 233 - PRINT PAPER. TEST 14918. TENSILE TESTS OF PHOTOGRAPHIC BROWN PRINT PAPER FOR THE CHIEF OF ORDNANCE, UNITED STATES ARMY, WASHINGTON, DC, FOR THE ANNUAL SUPPLIES. Strips 1 inch wide were cut from the paper in the rolled direction or longitudinally. Length of samples over all, about 7 inches. Length...

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