Report of the Tests of Metals and Other Materials for Industrial Purposes Made with the United States Testing Machine at Watertown Arsenal, Massachusetts, During the Year Ended ..., Issue 35

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1886 - Building materials

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Page 5 - Do. using a length shorter than the distance between the eye-plates, to obtain gaugings unaffected by the concentration of load at those points. The deflections were measured at the middle of the post. An arm carrying a pointer was clamped to the post. The pointer, moving over the face of a dial, indicated the amount and direction of deflection. Loads were gradually applied, measuring the compressions and deflections after each increment; returning at intervals to the initial load to determine the...
Page 327 - General summary. Tensile strength per square inch of original section pounds. Elastic limit per square Inch of original section do.. Elongation per inch after rupture inch . Elongation per inch under strain at e'astic limit do..
Page 295 - Applied. Loads. Elongation per Inch. Successive Elongation per Inch. Permanent Set. Successive Permanent Set. Remarks. Total. Per Square Inch. Pounds 250 1,250 2.500 5,000 7,500 8.750 10,000 11,350 19,500 '3.7JO 14.000 •4.50 4.5oo "4.75...
Page 230 - Corr6ird, 1861), but without the name of author or editor. Wade commences with the following statement : The comparative softness, or hardness of metals, is determined by the bulk of the cavities or indentations, made by equal pressures ; the softness being as the bulk directly, and the hardness, as the bulk inversely (p. 259). The form of the indenting instrument was a pyramid on a rhomboidal base. The longer diagonal of the base measured 1", the shorter •2", and the height of the pyramid -1".
Page 254 - Elongation per inch under strain at elastic limit Reduction in diameter at point of rupture Reduction in area after rupture, per cent of original section.
Page 242 - Elastic limit per square inch of original section do .. 54,000 Elongation per inch after rupture inch..
Page 392 - .564. Sectional area .25 square inch. General summary. Specific gravity. Hardness . Tensile strength per square inch of original section pounds..
Page 5 - ... continuous plate on one side of the channel bars. The pins were used in a vertical position, unless otherwise stated in the details of the tests. In the testing-machine the posts occupied a horizontal position. They were counter-weighted at the middle.
Page 377 - Reduction in diameter at point of rupture do... . 114 Reduction In area after rupture, per...

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