Report of the tests of metals and other materials for industrial purposes made with the United States testing machine at Watertown Arsenal, Massachusetts, during the year ended ...

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Page 3 - SIR: I have the honor to submit, for transmission to Congress as required by law, a copy of the report of the commanding officer of Watertown Arsenal, of "Tests of iron and steel and other material for industrial purposes," made at that arsenal during the fiscal year ended June 30, 1906.
Page 3 - Very respectfully, WM. H. TAFT, Secretary of War. The SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. WAR DAPARTMENT, OFFICE OF THE CHIEF OF ENGINEERS, Washington, Jamiary 16, 1906.
Page 144 - Do. 28S3 2967 28.000 29.500 67,000 41,500 15.0 4.0 20.5 9.5 .13, .17* .05*,. 03 Do. Light and lemon yellow. BRONZE. FROM WATERTOWN ARSENAL — Continued. 10-INCH DISAPPEARING CARRIAGES— Continued. 12-INCH DISAPPEARING CARRIAGES. Approximate elastic limit per square inch. Tensile strength per square inch. Elongation. Contrac tion of area. Elongation of inch sections. Marks.
Page 375 - Diameter at fracture, 1".01; area, .801 square inch. Contraction of area, 19.9 per cent. Fractured 3".4 from the neck. Appearance of fracture, dull gray, in part granular; opened oblique cracks in three places in stem.
Page 610 - COMMON BRICK PIER. Light hard, sand struck brick from New England Brick Company's yard, West Cambridge, Mass. Built of 33 courses of brick, with hollow core. Laid in cement mortar — 1 part Alpha cement and 5 parts sand. Age, 8 months 19 days. "Weight, 800 pounds = 116.7 pounds per cubic foot. Height of pier, 97.20 inches. Outside dimensions, 12".07X 12".
Page 5 - I have the honor to submit herewith the annual report of tests of iron and steel and other materials made at this arsenal during the fiscal year ended June 30, 1906.
Page 48 - Elongation per inch under strain at elastic limit do... .00220 Reduction in diameter at point of rupture do...
Page 543 - I}", 4; water, 79.4 per cent of cement, by weight. Age, set in air, 5 months 10 days. Weight of column, total, 1,304 pounds.
Page 43 - .505. Sectional area, .20 square inch. Gauged length, 2". iiewral summary. Tensile strength per square inch of original section pounds. . 112,000 Elastic limit per square inch of original section do... 70,000 Elongation per inch after rupture inch.
Page 247 - No. 4 BRONZE. No. 1222. Marks, D4. No. 4 bronze. Dry sand casting. Length of specimen, 12". Diameter, 1".129. Sectional area, 1 square inch. Gauged length, 10 . Failed by triple flexure.

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