Report of the tests of metals and other materials for industrial purposes made with the United States testing machine at Watertown Arsenal, Massachusetts, during the year ended ...

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Page 3 - Very respectfully, WM. H. TAFT, Secretary of War. The SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. WAR DEPARTMENT, OFFICE OF THE CHIEF OF ORDNANCE, Washington, February o, 1904.
Page ii - SIR: I have the honor to transmit herewith a letter from the Chief of Ordnance, United States Army, dated...
Page 28 - Diameter, 0.505 in. Sectional area, 0.20 sq. in. Gaged length, 2 in. Elongation after fracture, 0.36 in. in 2 in. = 18 per cent. Elongation of inch sections, .19*, .17*.
Page 236 - Elongation of inch sections, .18 *, .15, .08. Diameter at fracture, 0.50 in. Area, 0.1964 sq. in. Contraction of area, 21.4 per cent. Position of fracture, 1 in. from the neck. Appearance of fracture, fine granular; silky spot near circumApplied loads per sq. in.
Page 144 - Position of fracture, 1 .25 in. from the neck. Applied loads per sq. in. In gaged length. Remarks. Elongation. Set.
Page 82 - EXPLOSIVE SHRAPNEL. TESTS UPON SPECIMENS FROM A 6-INCH CAST SHELL RECEIVED FROM FORT REVERE. TENSION TESTS. COMPRESSION TESTS. These specimens were taken from cylindrical portion of shell, and had axes parallel to axis of shell. Specimens X and Y were taken from diametrically opposite sides about midway between the base and the point. Specimen Z was taken close to the base, in line with Y. Elastic TensDe ElongaContrac Elongation Harks.
Page 232 - B was taken from the junction or head and web, while С was from the junction of the base and web. Specimens X, Y, and Z were all from one rail. Specimen X was taken from one side of head of the rail and Y from the other side. Specimen Z was taken from the bottom of the base of the rail in tfie plane of the web.
Page 124 - ... .0342 Tensile strength. TENSILE TESTS OF WELDED STEEL TIRES. SCARFWELD. The specimens as received were about 5 in. wide by 17 to 18.25 in. long. Each was cut longitudinally to form two specimens about 2.25 in. wide, as the original specimens could not be tested readily. COMPRESSION TEST OF A PIECE OF I BEA══ FOR WATERTOWN ARSENAL.

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