Report on Miscellaneous Tariff and Customs Bills

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1984 - Duty-free importation - 215 pages

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Page 165 - Articles, previously imported, with respect to which the duty was paid upon such previous importation, if (1) raioported, without having been advanced in value or improved in condition by any process of manufacture or other means...
Page 159 - Commerce determines that no instrument or apparatus of equivalent scientific value to such article, for the purposes for which the instrument or apparatus is intended to be used, is being manufactured...
Page 30 - That subpart B of part 1 of the appendix to the Tariff Schedules of the United States (19 USC 1202) is amended by adding, immediately after item 912.12, the following new item: "912.13 Freight cars (provided for in item 690.15, subpart A, part 6, schedule 6). Free No change On or before 6/1/82".
Page 160 - States (TSUS) to provide for the duty-free importation of instruments and apparatus "entered for the use of any nonprofit institution, whether public or private, established for educational or scientific purposes * * * if no instrument or apparatus of equivalent scientific value for the purposes for which the instrument or apparatus is intended to be used is being manufactured in the United States.
Page 143 - Item 408.38 has a column 1 duty rate of 0.8 cents per pound plus 9.7 percent ad valorem and a column 2 rate of 7 cents per pound plus 31 percent ad valorem.
Page 120 - The alloy tool steel provided for in item 923.25 is limited to alloy tool steel of the types provided for in items 608.52, 608.76, 608.78, 608.85, 608.88, 609.06, 609.07, and 609.08, which contain, in addition to iron, each of the following elements by weight in the amounts specified : carbon: not less than 0.95 nor more than 1.13 percent; manganese: not less than 0.22 nor more than 0.48 percent; sulfur: none, or not more than 0.03 percent; phosphorus: none, or not more than 0.03 percent; silicon:...
Page 6 - Rendition of geophysical or contracting services in connection with the exploration for, or the extraction or development of, natural resources...
Page 199 - Motor fuel" (Item 475.25) Is any product derived primarily from petroleum, shale, or natural gas, whether or not containing additives, which Is chiefly used as a fuel In Internal-combustion or other engines.
Page 168 - Act of 1984 enacted on October 30, 1984, gave the President the authority to make additional tariff breakouts in designated TSUS items in order to provide dutyfree coverage comparable to the expanded coverage provided by all other signatories to the Aircraft Agreement pursuant to the extension of the Annex to the Agreement agreed to in Geneva on October 6, 1983.
Page 160 - G) ; and items 790.59-.62 of subpart A of part 13 ; but the term does not include materials or supplies, nor does it include ordinary equipment for use in building construction or maintenance or for use in supporting activities of the institution such as its administrative offices or its eating or religious facilities. "(b) An institution desiring to enter an article under item...

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