Report on the Medical Topography and Epidemics of the State of New York: Submitted to the American Medical Association at Its Annual Meeting at New Haven in June, 1860

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Collins, printer, 1860 - Epidemics - 189 pages

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Page 175 - One was a child of three years old. Her first complaint was an uneasiness in her throat. Upon examining it the tonsils appeared swelled and inflamed, with large white sloughs upon them, the edges of which were remarkably more red than the other parts of the throat. She had no great soreness in her throat, and could swallow with
Page 80 - Their speakers deliver themselves with surprising force and great propriety of gesture. The fierceness of their countenances, the flowing blanket, elevated tone, naked arm, and erect stature, with a half circle of auditors seated on the ground, and in the open air, cannot but impress upon the mind a lively idea of the ancient orators of Greece and Rome.
Page 79 - A distinguished feature in the character of the confederates was an exalted spirit of liberty, which revolted with equal indignation at domestic or foreign control. ' We are born free' (said Garangula in his admirable speech to the Governor General of Canada); 'we neither depend on Ononthio, or Corlear,
Page 77 - no part of America contained a people which will furnish more interesting information and more useful instruction; which will display the energies of the human character in a more conspicuous manner, whether in light or in shade, in the exhibition of great virtues and talents, or of great vices and defects.
Page 176 - Upon removing them, the parts underneath appeared rather pale than inflamed. I perceived no putrid smell from them, nor was the corpse in the least offensive. The oesophagus appeared as in a sound state. The epiglottis was a little inflamed on its external surface, and on the inner side, together with the inside of the whole larynx, was covered with the
Page 79 - Their exterior relations, general interests, and national affairs, were conducted and superintended by a great council, assembled annually in Onondaga, the central canton, composed of the chiefs of each republic; and eighty sachems were frequently convened at this national assembly.
Page 176 - generis; which more or less, according to particular circumstances, generate an acrimony in the humors, and dispose them to putrefaction; and which have a singular tendency to attack the throat and trachea, affecting the mucous glands of these parts, in such a way as to occasion them to secrete their natural mucus in greater
Page 83 - the patience, firmness, and magnanimity with which the officers and soldiers of the American army endured the complicated evils of hunger, cold, and nakedness, can only be ascribed to an insensibility of body produced by an uncommon tone of mind excited by the love of liberty and their country.
Page 108 - is to be found in the defective drainage of certain districts of the city, and, furthermore, that this is an evil which is increasing as the city extends itself towards the northern portion of the island, and that the main elements by which the evil is
Page 77 - The Mohegans, whose original name was Muhhekanew, were settled on that part of the State east of Hudson's River and below Albany, and those Indians on the west bank from its mouth to the Kaats' Kill Mountains, were sometimes denominated "Wabinga, and sometimes Sankikani, and they and the Mohegans went by the general appellation of River Indians;

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