Report on the Physical and Mental Condition of 50,000 Children Seen in 106 Schools in London, 1888-91

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Committee on the mental and physical condition of children, 1891 - Education - 57 pages

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Page 1085 - group of children, amounting to nearly 3 percent of the children seen who are so far defective in make as to be usually of low nutrition when seen in school. This fact is more marked in the 36,000 children in day schools; among them 23 per cent of the boys and 38 per cent of the girls who presented defects
Page 1084 - from such observations that at birth the nerve centers act slowly and independently of one another, and the time and order of this action is not determined through the senses; at the age of 5 months their action may be temporarily suspended by external stimuli, and during the time when no
Page 1082 - elementary schools, in order that they may receive special instruction and that the attention of school authorities be particularly directed towards this object." The following report of Dr. Warner is the first scientific investigation and the most important contribution to the study of
Page 1086 - the size of the cranium is in children a fair indication of the size of the brain. The following standard of the normal in a well-developed child ot good potentiality may be given: Head circumference at 9 months, 17.5 inches; at 12 months,
Page 1106 - girl; age, 13; standard, VII: Head and features normal; expression wanting; eyes wander and do not fix well; hand-balance, feeble-; movements uncertain; she looks at others before moving as told ; nerve system probably not sound ; very dull in school, but improving ; has fits at home,
Page 1107 - 18.5 inches circumference, not badly shapen; ears badly made in rim; expression wanting; no response in action; will not speak; thin; does not speak; can not read or write, but appears to understand some things said; mentally defective, and epileptic.
Page 1137 - duty it shall be to inquire into the condition of children in schools and elsewhere, and carry out the same upon a fixed plan. This congress empowers the commission to add to their number, aud to appeal to
Page 1086 - (Table 12). Small heads: Boys, 327; girls, 738; total, 1,065. It is seen that in this group, contrary to the usual rule, the defect is more common among girls. If there be no other defect, mental faculty may
Page 1106 - intellect; speech defective and indistinct; did not talk till five years of age; general appearance healthy; reported as "very good and well conducted; very nervous; ability average in all subjects except reading, which is owing to defect in speech; has fits in school." 3365; boy; age, 14; standard, III : Not seen, being absent from fits; reported epileptic and dull. 5278; girl; age, 12; standard,
Page 1086 - life may undertake good work and do it, but are more liable than others to exhaustion, migraine, and breakdown of the nerve sytem. At school these children are often delicate and irregular in attendance from aumente.

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