Reports of Cases Heard and Decided in the House of Lords on Appeals and Writs of Error: During the Sessions 1831[-1846], Volum 4


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Side 370 - J. for her life, with remainder to her first and other sons in tail general, with remainder to her daughters in tail general, &c.
Side 545 - Baldwyn, should be established, and the trusts thereof performed and carried into execution ; and it was ordered, that it should be referred to the Master, to take an account of what was due to the...
Side 116 - Then upon the best consideration I have been able to give to the question I am of opinion that neither the statute 33 Hen.
Side 239 - ... shall within ten years next after his and their full age, discoverture, coming of sound mind, enlargement out of prison, or coming into this realm, or death, take benefit of and sue forth the same, and at no time after the said ten years, III.
Side 478 - In no case shall any person be allowed a longer time, on account of mere absence, to lodge an appeal, than five years from the date of the last decree or interlocutor appealed against (Standing Order, HL, No. 118; Lords' Journ., 24th May, 1725; 22nd June, 1829; 6 Cl.
Side 467 - ... whether the actual custody is so reasonably and probably to bo accounted for, that it impresses the mind with the conviction that the instrument found in such custody must be genuine. That such is the character and description of the custody which is held sufficiently genuine to render a document admissible appears from all the cases.
Side 47 - AND lastly, it is hereby declared and agreed by and between the said parties to these...
Side 166 - The Court directed that it should be referred to the Master, to take an account of the share of the partnership effects to which...
Side 512 - The act of taking possession is an implied agreement to pay interest ; for so absurd an agreement, as that the purchaser is to receive the rents and profits, to [28] which he has no legal title, and the vendor is not to have interest, as he has no legal title to the money, can never be implied.
Side 681 - ... to the conclusion, that the judgment of the Court below ought to be reversed.

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