Reports of Cases in Law and Equity, Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of the State of Georgia, in the Year ..., Volume 32

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Edward O. Jenkins, 1869 - Equity

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Page 471 - ... the defendant to show cause why a Receiver should not be appointed according to the prayer of the bill.
Page 440 - ... other possessions, unlawfully detain the same; and if it be found, upon such inquiry, that an unlawful...
Page 771 - ... time between the making of the will and the death of the testator.
Page 163 - To our minds, to reject the declarations of the only person having a vested interest and who was interested to declare the truth, whose fiat gave existence to the will, and whose fiat could destroy, and in doing the one or the other could interfere with the rights of no one, involves almost an absurdity ; and...
Page 609 - Ves. 190, that a feme covert acting with respect to her separate property, is competent to act in all respects as if she was a feme sole, is the proper rule, and necessary to support the decisions on this subject.
Page 708 - ... guineas, having, as he stated, made up his mind to buy the horse, relying on the defendant's positive assurance that he was sound.
Page 256 - If, when the cause of action shall accrue against any person, he shall be out of the state, such action may be commenced within the terms herein respectively limited, after the return of such person into this state; and if, after such cause of action shall have accrued, such person shall depart from and reside out of the state...
Page 322 - And, in arriving at a conclusion upon this subject, the jury may not only take into their consideration proofs tending to show the physical impossibility of the child born in wedlock being legitimate, but they may decide the question of paternity by attending to the relative situation of the parties, their habits of life, the evidence of conduct and of declarations connected with conduct, and to any induction which reason suggests, for determining upon the probabilities of the case.
Page 105 - J. 14), to show a new trial will not be granted, on the ground that the verdict was against the weight of evidence, if merely nominal damages cau be obtained.
Page 190 - ... defendant in error, to dismiss the writ of error, on the ground that the...

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