Reports on the Discovery of Peru

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Hakluyt Society, 1872 - Peru - 143 pages
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Page 8 - Gentlemen ! This line signifies labor, hunger, thirst, fatigue, wounds, sickness, and every other kind of danger that must be encountered in this conquest until life is ended. Let those who have the courage to meet and overcome the dangers of this heroic achievement cross the line, in token of their resolution, and as a testimony that they will be my faithful companions. And let those who feel unworthy, return to Panama; for I do not wish to put force upon any man. I trust in God that, for his greater...
Page 126 - Spain, and to give an account to his Majesty of this and other things which appertain to his service. I took, from the heap of gold, 100,000 castellanos for his Majesty, being the amount of his fifth. The day after I left Caxamalca, the Christians who had gone to Cuzco returned, and brought 1,500,000 of gold.
Page 56 - Atahuallpa, received a slight wound in the hand. During the whole time no Indian raised his arms against a Spaniard. So great was the terror of the Indians at seeing the governor force his way through them, at hearing the fire of the artillery, and beholding the charging of...
Page 65 - The height would be that of a man's stature and a half. He said that, up to that mark, he would fill the room with different kinds of golden vessels, such as jars, pots, vases, besides lumps and other pieces. As for silver, he said he would fill the whole chamber with it twice over.
Page 55 - The infantry made so good an assault upon those that remained that in a short time most of them were put to the sword. The Governor still held Atabaliba by the arm, not being able to pull him out of the litter because he was raised so high. Then the Spaniards made such a slaughter amongst those who carried the litter that they fell to the ground, and, if the Governor had not protected Atabaliba, that proud man would there have paid for all the cruelties he had committed.
Page 113 - I arrived in this port of Yaguana on my way to Spain, by order of the Governor Francisco Pizarro, to inform his Majesty of what has happened in that government of Peru, to give an account of the country, and of its present condition...
Page 127 - I bring, was another 165,000 castellanos [ ounce] and 7000 or 8000 marcos of silver ; while to all those of us who had gone, a further share of gold was sent. After my departure, according to what the Governor writes to me, it became known that Atabaliva had assembled troops to make war on the Christians, and justice was done upon him. The Governor made his brother, who was his enemy, lord in his place. Molina comes to this No.
Page 1 - For when, either in ancient or modern times, have such great exploits been achieved by so few against so many, over so many climes, across so many seas, over such distances by land, to subdue the unseen and unknown? Whose deeds can be compared with those of Spain?
Page 55 - Then the Governor put on a jacket of cotton, took his sword and dagger, and, with the Spaniards who were with him, entered amongst the Indians most valiantly; and, with only four men who were able to follow him, he came to the litter where Atahualpa was, and fearlessly seized him by the arm, crying out, "Santiago!
Page 54 - Atabaliba remained in his litter on high, and the others with him, while his troops did not cease to enter. A captain then came to the front and, ascending the fortress near the open space, where the artillery was posted, raised his lance twice, as for a signal. Seeing this, the Governor asked the Father Friar Vicente if he wished to go and speak to Atabaliba, with an interpreter? He replied that he did wish it, and he advanced, with a cross in one hand and the Bible in the other, and going amongst...