Reports to the General Assembly of Illinois, Svazek 1

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Strana 411 - He shall account to the general assembly, and accompany his message with a statement of all moneys received and paid out by him from any funds subject to his order, with vouchers, and at the commencement of each regular session, present estimates of the amount of money required to be raised by taxation for all purposes.
Strana 562 - This arrangement is made to secure a shorter and stronger draught, with the same amount of radiating surface, and is designed to be used when the fire pot is lined with soap stone. VII. EXAMINERS...
Strana 540 - The education furnished by the Institution will include, not only the simpler elements of instruction, usually taught in common schools, where that is practicable, but will embrace a course of training in the more practical matters of every day life; the cultivation of habits of decency, propriety, selfreliance and the development and enlargement of a capacity for useful occupation.
Strana 540 - The improvement and progress of the pupils have been very encouraging, and parents and friends in almost every instance have expressed satisfaction with what has been accomplished in the short time since the school was organized. The Institution is open to the inspection of the public at all reasonable hours ; and all are not only cordially invited, but are earnestly requested to visit the school. It is a State Institution, and board and tuition are free during the school year of ten months.
Strana 435 - ... an act to revise the law in relation to the Illinois and Michigan Canal, and for the improvement of the Illinois and Little Wabash rivers...
Strana 557 - Every convict who shall have no infraction of the rules and regulations of the prison, or laws of the state, recorded against him, and who performs in a faithful, orderly, and peaceable manner the duties assigned to him, shall be allowed from his term, instead and lieu of the credits heretofore allowed by law...
Strana 417 - An Act to prevent extortion and unjust discrimination in the rates charged for the transportation of passengers and freights on railroads in this state, and to punish the same, and prescribe a mode of procedure and rules of evidence in relation thereto...
Strana 427 - That the mode of levying a tax shall be by valuation, so that every person shall pay a tax in proportion to the value of the property he or she has in his or her possession.
Strana 426 - ... their circulation, created by the laws of this state, shall never be permitted or sanctioned. Every banking association now, or which may hereafter be organized under the laws of this state, shall make and publish a full and accurate quarterly statement of its affairs, (which shall be certified to, under oath, by one or more of its officers,) as may be provided by law.
Strana 539 - Children between the ages of ten and eighteen who are idiotic, or so deficient in intelligence as to be incapable of being educated at any ordinary school, and who are not epileptic, insane, or greatly deformed, may be admitted by the Superintendent.

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