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Arthur Hobson Quinn
The Century Co., 1917 - Drama - 969 pages
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Page 301 - Howe'er it be, it seems to me 'Tis only noble to be good. Kind hearts are more than coronets, And simple faith than Norman blood.
Page 68 - JENNY. Well — JONATHAN. So I went right in, and they shewed me away clean up to the garret, just like a meeting-house gallery. And so I saw a power of topping folks, all sitting round in little cabins, just like father's corncribs...
Page 57 - Do you wait till I shrink from the pain ? No ; the son of Alknomook shall never complain. Remember the wood where in ambush we lay, And the scalps which we bore from your nation away. Now the flame rises fast ; you exult in my pain ; But the son of Alknomook can never complain. I go to the land where my father is gone, His ghost shall rejoice in the fame of his son : Death comes, like a friend, to relieve me from pain ; And thy son, O Alknomook ! has scorned to complain.
Page 68 - ... and dice the devil's device; and the play-house the shop where the devil hangs out the vanities of the world, upon the tenterhooks of temptation. I believe you have not heard how they were acting the old boy one night, and the wicked one came among them sure enough; and went right off in a storm, and carried one quarter of the play-house with him. Oh! no, no, no! you won't catch me at a play-house, I warrant you. JENNY. Well, Mr. Jonathan, though I don't scruple your veracity, I have some reasons...
Page 52 - Who travels now to ape the rich or great, To deck an equipage and roll in state; To court the graces, or to dance with ease, Or by hypocrisy to strive to please? Our free-born ancestors such arts despis'd; Genuine sincerity alone they priz'd; Their minds, with honest emulation fir'd; To solid good — not ornament — aspir'd; Or, if ambition rous'da bolder flame, Stern virtue throve, where indolence was shame. But modern youths, with imitative sense, Deem taste in dress the proof of excellence;...
Page 68 - JENNY. I must say, Mr. Jessamy, if he copies after me, he will be vastly monstrously polite. JESSAMY. Stay here one moment, and I will call him. — Jonathan !— Mr. Jonathan!— (Call*.) JONATHAN.
Page 69 - I was looking out for him, they lifted up a great green cloth and let us look right into the next neighbor's house. Have you a good many houses in New- York made so in that 'ere way? JENNY. Not many; but did you see the family? JONATHAN. Yes, swamp it; I see'd the family. JENNY. Well, and how did you like them?
Page 69 - JONATHAN. Why they came on as thick as mustard. For my part, I thought the house was haunted. There was a soldier fellow, who talked about his row de dow dow, and courted a young woman: but of all the cute folk I saw, I liked one little fellow — JENNY.
Page 66 - Nature has hardly formed a woman ugly enough to be insensible to flattery upon her person; if her face is so shocking, that she must in some degree be conscious of it, her figure and air, she trusts, make ample amends for it.
Page 70 - His name was — No, no, that won't do. Now, if I was with Tabitha Wymen and Jemima Cawley down at father Chase's, I shouldn't mind singing this all out before them — you would be affronted if I was to sing that, though that's a lucky thought; if you should be affronted, I have something dang'd cute, which Jessamy told me to say to you. JENNY. Is that all ! I assure you I like it of all things. JONATHAN. No, no; I can sing more; some other time, when you and I are better acquainted, I'll sing the...

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