Representative Plays by American Dramatists, Volume 3

Front Cover
Montrose Jonas Moses
E.P. Dutton, 1921 - American drama
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Page 674 - Deep down, he is feeling wounded and unhappy. But, as he knows his coming to the ceremony on whatever pretext is a social outrage, he carries it off by assuming an air of its being the most natural thing in the world.
Page 657 - It's an insufferable thing to a woman of any delicacy of feeling to find her husband — JOHN. Ahem — former ! CYNTHIA. Once a husband always — JOHN. (Still cynical.) Oh, no! Oh, dear, no. CYNTHIA. To find her — to find the man she has once lived with — in the house of — making love to — to find you here! (JOHN smiles and...
Page 195 - They had the power to do it then; but now, Poor souls, who'll shield them in eternity? Father, the honor of our house is safe; I have the secret. I will to the wars, And do more murders, to eclipse this one, Back to the battles; there I breathe in peace; And I will take a soldier's honor back — Honor!
Page 914 - Only ten cents — one dime! As these voices die away, the CLOWN, whose voice indicates that he is now perched on the head of the couch, sings: CLOWN'S VOICE. "Uncle Rat has gone to town, Ha!
Page 694 - How's he changed? FIDDLER. Lost his sharp for horses, and ladies, ma'am — gives 'em both the boiled eye. CYNTHIA. I can't say I see any change; there's my portrait — I suppose he sits and pulls faces at me. FIDDLER. Yes, ma'am, I think I'd better tell him of your bein
Page 170 - I'll not! What, go to her, to feel her very flesh Crawl from my touch? — to hear her sigh and moan, As if God plagued her? Must I come to that? Must I endure your hellish mystery With my own wife, and roll my eyes away In sentimental bliss? No, no! until I go to her, with confident belief In her integrity and candid love, I'll shun her as a leper. [Alarm-bells toll MALATESTA.
Page 685 - JOHN. (Interrupting her; proud, serious and strong.) How dare you look me in the face with the eyes that I once kissed, and pretend the least regard for me? (CYNTHIA recoils and looks away. Her own feelings are revealed to her clearly for the first time.) I begin to understand our American women now. Fire-flies — and the fire they gleam with is so cold that a midge couldn't. warm his heart at it, let alone a man. You're not of the same race as a man! You married me for nothing, divorced me for...
Page 180 - Had tricks like this, and we ne'er know of it! 1 tell you, Lanciotto, you and I Must have a patent for our foolery! "She smiled; he kissed her full upon the mouth!
Page 645 - VlDA [flattering him as a matter of course]. She never loved you. JOHN [on whom she has made no impression at all]. Yes, she did. For six or seven months there was not a shadow between us. It was perfect, and then one day she went off like a pistol-shot! I had a piece of law work and couldn't take her to see Flashlight race the Maryland mare.
Page 127 - No, lady: He is so used to playing double games, That even you must come in for your share. Plague on his boiling! I will out with it. [Aside.] Lady, the gentleman who passed the gates — FRANCESCA.

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