Restorative Justice Practice

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Taylor & Francis Group, Dec 31, 2023 - Restorative justice - 208 pages

There has been a surge of interest in restorative justice by practitioners and academics, but it remains an elusive term and in many ways means something different to the different people who engage with it. These differences emerge across a variety of settings, such as population, crime type and setting. Though programs operating the under the umbrella term of Restorative Justice may share a similar philosophy, they may follow different paths to achieve their goals.

This book critically evaluates what restorative justice means today in its various different contexts and examines how the current state of research succeeds or fails in capturing the true state of the art. Written by experts in the field, Restorative Justice Practice broadens the field of debate and considers practice in areas such as gendered and sexual violence and post-conflict justice both inside and outside of the western world.

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