Restoring the Quality of Our Environment: Report

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Page 8 - CO in our atmosphere than at present This will modify the heat balance of the atmosphere to such an extent that marked changes in climate, not controllable through local or even national efforts, could occur.
Page 15 - Environment," the President's Science Advisory Committee has urged that "the public should come to recognize individual rights to quality of living, as expressed by the absence of pollution, just as it has come to recognize rights to education, to economic advance, and to public recreation . . . The responsibility of each pollutor for all forms of damage caused by his pollution should be effectively recognized and generally accepted. There should be no 'right
Page 13 - * * * we now know that the full effects of environmental changes produced by pollution cannot be foreseen before judgments must be made. The responsible judgment, therefore, must be the conservative one. Trends and indications, as soundly based as possible, must provide the guidelines ; demonstration of disaster is not required.
Page xii - Environmental pollution is the unfavorable alteration of our surroundings, wholly or largely as a byproduct of man's actions, through direct or indirect effects of changes in energy patterns, radiation levels, chemical and physical constitution and abundance of organisms.
Page 18 - We recommend that the principle of requiring registration before use should be extended to the addition to motor fuels of substances which are not eliminated by the combusion process.
Page 140 - The statistics of 48 billion metal cans a year (250 per person), 26 billion bottles and jars (135 per person), 65 billion metal and plastic caps and crowns (338 per person), plus more than...
Page 24 - University), recommended that: (a) Immediate steps be taken to plan and institute a national environmental quality survey which would provide benchmark data on the average condition of the environment of the people of the United States as a whole; (b) An agency should be set up to carry out planning including sample design and analysis of the national environmental quality survey. This agency should be isolated from all enforcement or action programs and should make the greatest possible use, through...
Page 30 - ... zone, while oysters, clams, crabs and terrapins are all permanent residents of the estuaries. ( See also Y10. ) F9. On the development of more objective techniques to measure the tolerance levels of different organisms to pollutants and to identify and assess the changes in abundance and distribution of organisms making up biological communities under pollution stress. Information on the tolerance limits of various organisms is urgently needed to interpret and understand changes in biological...
Page 22 - B28. We recommend that the Federal Government encourage the development and adoption of codes governing noise insulation in apartment buildings. Pollution of apartments by noise from either adjacent tenants or outside sources is a national commonplace. At least two countries have effective codes regulating this problem. Local governments should have access to codes which they can adopt with adequate reliance on both their effectiveness and their reasonableness.
Page 154 - ... rapid increase in motor car production has been followed by a steady rise in the number of automobiles junked each year.

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