Restricted: A Novel of Half-Truths

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Jennifer Kinsel, Sep 12, 2010 - Self-Help - 218 pages
"I thought that once I had lost the weight, I would feel better about myself and maybe I would be something special. Well, I have lost weight, I do not feel better about myself, and I am still nothing special." "Restricted" takes readers into the mind of a nineteen year old girl named Erin. Brought on by the obsession over weight and calories, and fueled by low self-esteem, she falls victim to an eating disorder. The world she enters is a world where thoughts are overrun by fears, lies are no longer fiction, and reality is miles away. The healthy nineteen year old that used to be is replaced by a weaker girl unable to keep up with her peers. Erin's distorted thinking and actions eventually take a toll on her body and mind. In order to get better, change is the only option. The journey told starts during the height of the sickness and follows Erin through the many challenges and lessons of treatment. In order to start her process in recovery, she must face her greatest fear: herself. Based on the author's own experiences, Erin's story is not unique. There are millions around the world who are living her story, still struggling to find their way.

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cracks in the lies
test anxiety
silent suffering
beginning of the
intense path to recovery
numbers do matter
bottle it up
slippery slope on repeat
nothing changes if nothing changes
that cant be
journaling exposes the soul
feeling the feelings
true test of willpower 147 153 161 169 177 183 195

celebrating with paper candles
stepping back into life

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Jennifer is a twentysomething artist/designer/creative/dreamer. "Restricted: A novel of half-truths" is Jen's first book, a challenge she took upon herself for National Novel Writing Month; although, writing a book had always been on her long list of things to do before she dies. Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, she attended Stevenson University and earned a bachelor's degree in Visual Communication Design. Since college, her life has taken a different direction than most her age, due to her battle with an eating disorder. Although overcoming an eating disorder is a very difficult process, Jen is hopeful that the obstacle was put there for a reason. According to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, she is an INFJ, one of the rarest personality types. On a less serious note, she stays awake much too late for her own good, enjoys thrill rides and the rush of adrenaline, and watches The Golden Girls every morning while eating breakfast. For more information, visit http: //

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