Rethinking Media, Religion, and Culture

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Stewart M. Hoover, Knut Lundby
SAGE, 31 בינו׳ 1997 - 332 עמודים
The growing connections between media, culture, and religion are increasingly evident in our society today but have rarely been linked theoretically until now. Beginning with the decline of religious institutions during the latter part of this century, Rethinking Media, Religion, and Culture focuses on issues such as the increasing autonomy and individualized practice of religion, the surge of media and media-based icons that are often imbued with religious qualities, and the ensuing effect on cultural practices. Editors Stewart M. Hoover and Knut Lundby examine each of these issues and the implications of major recent findings of religious, media, and cultural studies as they pertain to one another. In a primary effort, the leading class of contributors to this work effectively triangulate these three separate areas into a coherent whole. The book explores phenomena like rallies, rituals, and resistance as they are distinct expressions of religion often transmogrified into different mediated or cultural expressions. This collection should benefit the work of scholars and researchers in communication, media, cultural, and religious studies who seek a broader understanding of the two-sided relationships between religion and media, media and culture, and culture and religion.

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Religion and Media in the Construction of Cultures
Technology and Triadic Theories of Mediation
Religion and
Mass Media as a Site of Resacralization
Ritual Dimensions of Popular Culture
Anomie and the Crisis of Ritual
The Web of Collective Representations
Changes in Religion in Periods of Media Convergence
Resistance Through Mediated Orality
A Utopian on Main Street
Making Sense of Religion in Television
Media and the Construction of
Mediated Religion
About the Contributors

Media Meaning and Method in Religious Studies
Redressive Ritual Within

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מידע על המחבר (1997)

Born 1948. Studies at the University of Oslo 1968-1975. Lower degree (cand.mag) 1973 with political science, sociology and studies of Christianity, plus social economics. Higher degree ( 1975 in sociology with specialization in mass communication and sociology of religion. The dissertation was on "Secularization in the Nordic countries - studied through programs on church and religion in radio and tv" (in Norwegian). Practice as journalist during study years. Editor of the church weekly "Vår Kirke" 1975-80. Research fellow in sociology of religion 1980-85 at The department of sociology, University of Oslo with a dissertation for the degree of dr.philos on "The collectivity of faith. A sociological study of processes of dissolution in the Norwegian folk church" (1986, in Norwegian). During these years the Norwegian participant in a comparative research project on religious changes in the Nordic countries 1930-1980. Researcher on local media 1985-86 at the Institute of press research, University of Oslo. Associate professor in mass communication studies from 1987, into the new Department of media and communication that same year. Head of department 1990–1995. Active in the department's cooperation with the University of Zimbabwe on media studies and media research 1990-98. Chair, National Council for Media Studies. Appointed professor of media studies at the University of Oslo 1998. Founding director of InterMedia, University of Oslo 1998-2004, an interdisciplinary research center on design, communication and learning in digital environments. During these years, chair of the flexible learning program and chair of the strategic university program on ‘Competence and Media Convergence’ (CMC), University of Oslo; chair/board member of the program on Social and Cultural Preconditions for ICT (SKIKT) and the follow-up program on ‘Communication, ICT, Media’ (KIM) at the Research Council of Norway as well as member of the ICT Forum of the Research Council. Research leave 2004-2006. Guest researcher at UC Berkeley, University of Colorado at Boulder, University of Edinburgh, University of Stirling, Gregorian University in Rome and University of Salzburg. Former guest research periods also at London School of Economics & Political Science and at the University of Leicester. Member of the International Council, International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) 1992-2000.Member of the research program on Changing Media – Changing Europe by the European Science Foundation 1999-2004. Participant in the international research community on Media, Religion, and Culture since its inception in 1993. Since July 2006 back at the Department of Media and Communication, University of Oslo as Professor of Media Studies. Since 2009 Head of Research at the department. I directed the international research project on MEDIATIZED STORIES. Mediation perspectives on digital storytelling among youth funded by the Research Council of Norway (2006-2011). I was the Norwegian coordinator of the NordForsk research network on Mediatization of religion and culture (2006-2010) and participate in the continued Nordic Network on Media and Religion. I coordinate the research group on Media and Religion in the research network on Religion in Pluralist Societies (PluRel) at the University of Oslo.

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