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Xlibris Corporation, 2006 - Poetry - 56 pages
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This book is a collaboration of certain times and instances of my life in which I feel are the most significant to the development of the person that I am today. Each story and poem that are placed in this collection all have partial truth to them, whether they be an assignment for class, or an idea that I came up with on my own. My friends have played such an important role in the formation of my writing samples, simply because they are the people that I surround myself with more than anyone else. As a high school senior, and being that all of us are going to be headed on our own separate ways in a couple of months, we are all taking advantage of the time that we have left together. This year we are making it a point to attend most if not all of the functions that our school has to offer because we want to make the most out of this year. The short stories that I have put together in this book are mostly based upon many life experiences that I have personally went through within this past year. Whether the premise is revolving around a vacation in a tropical paradise, being unfamiliar with people and places that I havenˇ¦t come into contact with, a re-encounter with an individual that I never thought that I would see again, or scenarios which take place in the high school. Each piece holds some truth to it, and a little bit of reality as well. My own reality. The poetry in this book is mainly produced by the ideas that I have personally originated myself. The poems that I have chosen to select are the ones that are the most meaningful to me, and that I think will have the biggest effect on readers. There are certain aspects of the environment that I am apart of that have such an amazing ability to inspire me. Things such as colors, weather, music, music and people all have the ability to distract me, which causes me to produce many of the poems I have selected. Its one of my favorite forms of expression. This book is loaded with true to life experiences that I think everyone can relate to in one form or another. Common instances and situations which have sparked my interest, and that will hopefully ignite the minds of the other people who decide to see what this book is really about.

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