Returning to America

Voorkant, 2007 - 236 pagina's
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Returning to America is the only real game plan in sight for 300 million to reclaim America the Beautiful from 536 failed politicians! It is also the only plan with power to do it! Includes - How 300 million can have a stronger voice than 536 failed politicians! How to end political corruption in one year! How to end the sale of the people's state to a corporate state, foreign state, and communist state with talk of treason! How to end competition with billions earning $2.00 per day! How to restore a nation opposite to every great failure and expense, and much more! This book is the smartest investment of your lifetime for saving the nation of your dreams and all you value within it! Why should 300 million own this book? Without a game plan, 300 million are losing to 536 failed politicians! Without this less than $20.00 investment, all financial and military power will go to China! Those who fail to own this book are giving their prosperity and power to China! This book will change America!

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