Revealed The Kingdom of Locs Nazirite Vow Continues Volume 2: Change is Nature and it Starts with a Loc

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Dynasty Healing Publishing , Aug 3, 2023 - Law - 725 pages

“Revealed: The Kingdom of Locs Nazirite Vow Continues - Volume 2"** truly a fulfillment

Step into the hallowed halls of history as you embark on a riveting journey that unfolds like a gripping court case in "Revealed: The Kingdom of Locs Nazirite Vow Continues - Volume 2." Imagine yourself as the judge, presiding over a case that will reshape your understanding of faith, self-governance, and the indomitable spirit of a nation.

The plaintiff, the enigmatic HH Empress Queen Christina Clement, takes the stand with an unwavering resolve to present her case. She stands as a representative of the Loc Nation, a community intricately tied to the sacred Nazirite vow. With her authoritative voice, she lays out the argument that this vow is more than a mere relic of the past—it's a living testament to a global struggle, a beacon of self-governance, and a call to action that resonates across borders.

The courtroom buzzes with anticipation as Clement builds her argument brick by brick, her words resonating like the pounding of a gavel. Drawing evidence from the annals of history, she masterfully weaves together the threads of the Nazirite vow's connection to biblical scriptures, shedding light on its profound significance. She delves into the shadows of a dark era—the illegal slave trade—a global atrocity that shook the foundations of humanity. With every carefully curated piece of evidence, she invites you, the judge, to ponder the depths of this historical interplay.

As you listen to the proceedings, you'll be introduced to a staggering number: 1.4 trillion Loc Nationites and 4.2 million Black individuals worldwide. Their stories and experiences are the crux of the evidence presented. Their voices echo in the courtroom, a collective chorus that reverberates through time, begging for recognition and justice.

But the courtroom drama doesn't end there. The rule book is laid bare, contributions of the International Jurists Commission a prestigious entity within the legal world—the principles of justice, the declaration of self-governance, and the pursuit of truth. You, the reader, are summoned to render your judgment. Will you stand with the plaintiff, recognizing the Nazirite vow as a beacon of hope and change and should be recognized as artifact of faith? Who is responsible for the illegal slave trade church, government or both? Should Loc nation and African Americans be properly compensated for the extreme years of wicked acts all nations have experienced and proclaimed self governance? What would be the fair remedy? Or will you take a different stance, swayed by the intricate dance between history, faith, and personal conviction?

"Revealed: The Kingdom of Locs Nazirite Vow Continues - Volume 2" is not merely a book—it's a court case that beckons you to join the pursuit of justice, to explore the tangle of narratives that bind the past and the present, and to make a decision that resonates with the heartbeat of humanity.

Enter the courtroom of history, take your seat as the judge, and immerse yourself in the pages of this monumental work that challenges you to answer the ultimate question: What would be your judgment?


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Established 1952-International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) is an international human rights non-governmental organization. It is a standing group of 60 eminent jurists—including senior judges, attorneys and academics—who work to develop national and international human rights standards through the law.

International Commission of Jurists - Wikipedia

Her Highness Empress Queen Christina Clement of State of Loc Nation, a visionary and spiritual trailblazer, weaves an enchanting tale that transcends the realms of fashion and beauty. As an esteemed Author, Spirituality Advocate, and Award-Winning Entrepreneur, she has unlocked the sacred secrets of Locs, revealing their profound connection to the divine.

With a heart ablaze with passion, Empress Christina's journey unfolds through the pages of her literary masterpieces, starting with her groundbreaking finance books, "Intro to Crypto" and "Intro to Gold." But it is her latest opus, "Locs Linked to Spirituality and Revealed the Kingdom of Locs Volume 1," where she unearths the ancient wisdom hidden within the mystique of Locs. She has coined the term, "Locs is an Artifact of Faith."

Beyond the surface, beyond the trends, Christina illuminates the spiritual significance of Locs not only through her lineage but also across diverse cultures and religions. From Rastafarianism to Buddhism, Christianity to Islam, Locs serves as a powerful symbol of renunciation and devotion to a higher purpose—a testament to one's faith.

But her work doesn't end with revelations; she graciously guides her readers along the transformative path, offering insights on beginning the sacred journey and nurturing the flowing Locs. To forge an unwavering bond with the Creator, she imparts wisdom—dedication, time, and effort—a journey far beyond the fleeting fads of fashion.

The legacy of Queens of Africa, Maroons, Arawaks, Hines, Clement lineage, and more intertwines with Christina's family heritage, including the revered Marcus Garvey, Rastafarianism, and the immortal Bob Marley. It is a legacy rooted in political power, love, and peace—a heritage that echoes through Jamaica, Ethiopia, the African Continent and the beginning of time.

As Empress and Prime Minister of the Loc Congregation, Christina's regal presence shines brightly, working tirelessly with the State of Loc Nation and the Loc Community Association, inspiring and mentoring those who seek the path of spiritual fulfillment.

Her mission is noble and boundless—to spread a positive message that celebrates loc culture, liberating it from the shackles of negativity. A messenger of God, she offers spiritual healing and guidance to traverse the labyrinth of everyday challenges.

Through her soul-stirring coaching and writings with Dynasty Healing Corporation and her philanthropic endeavors supporting Ghanaian farms, and the children of the various villages with medical insurance cards and female hygiene education HH Empress Christina Clement touches countless lives with real-world solutions. Her books, like beacons of light, illuminate the path to salvation—a bridge previously elusive but now attainable.

So, if you yearn to elevate your path in this journey called life, your quest for clarity can be found with "Revealed The Kingdom of Locs Nazirite Vow continues Volume 2." As you immerse yourself in Her Highness Empress Queen Christina's wisdom, be prepared to transcend, to evolve, and to awaken—to the exciting revelations that await you. "The last shall be first", the fulfillment is here.

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